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Depth Of Field in Photography

  Depth of Field in photography can be defined as the distance between the subject and surrounding area that are in focus and the background that is out of focus. In another words, it is the range that appears to be sharp. Understanding the depth-of-field and using it wisely can make the difference between an
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How to get Out of Focus Backgrounds

When you are capturing a photo, you may want the subject to stand out from the rest of the surroundings. In some situations you want to remove the cluttered background. In such a situation you will have to go for an out of focus background or otherwise called as “Background blur”. There are many ways
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Understanding Shutter speed

Shutter speed together with Aperture and ISO forms the three pillars of photography. So, understanding shutter speed is essential to capture nice shots. Right selection of shutter speed can help you, to freeze the action and also blur the motion.                               
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Understanding ISO

Aperture, Shutter speed and International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) form the basic building blocks in photography. So, if you want to be a good photographer then you should be able to control these 3 features in accordance to the available lighting. Now, let’s see what ISO sensitivity is all about and what values to be
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Understanding Aperture

Aperture, Shutter speed and International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) form the basic building blocks in photography. You should be able to control these 3 features in accordance with the environment and situation. Aperture setting is one of the most important factors to get a perfect shot and so understanding aperture is very essential. There will
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How to shoot perfect Waterfalls?

Shooting Waterfalls is not that difficult once you go through the details given below. Let us have a look at the different things we need to check when we are going for waterfall photography. 1. Location When you are going to shoot waterfalls then you should have some idea about the location. Do some research
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Rule Of Thirds in Photography

Rule of Thirds in photography is a well known, some would say infamous thumb rule used in photography. Imagine the photo divided into nine sections using two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines. The four points at which the lines intersect are referred to as the points of interest. When you
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Enhance Images with Effective Cropping

You can turn your ordinary images into extra ordinary images by cropping the image creatively. Sometimes, when you are capturing an image you may not be able to position your subject correctly in the frame. This can be due to several reasons. Cropping & Focal length of the Lens One of the reasons for cropping
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How to Photograph a Moon?

Taking the photograph of a moon can be little tricky. If you don’t expose it properly then you will end up in getting a bright circular white spot (white blob) in the image as moon. You may miss the details like crest and the shadows. I would always recommend getting a HDR (High Dynamic Range)
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How to Avoid Image Blur

If you want the photograph to look and feel good then there should not be any blur in your image. In order to make sure that you take blur free images, you should know the factors that causes image blur. Image blur is caused due to many reasons. Firstly, the shutter speed selection. If you
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