Skylum has shared some updates for their upcoming Luminar 4 software. They are bringing new capabilities to their already released AI Sky Enhancer.

The major update is the latest AI Sky replacement tool. It will be integrated with the upcoming Luminar 4 version. It can replace the sky entirely with the help of AI. So, now you can ditch your expensive Grad ND filters unless you want to get it right in the camera itself. We need to wait and see the effectiveness of the new AI Sky replacement feature.

This is good news to all those who find it difficult to replace the sky manually. So, no more masking and working in layers for sky replacement. You can use it in any kinds of photography like landscape, portrait, wildlife, etc. I hope the new Luninar 4 comes with many more interesting features.

The new AI sky replacement tool claims to match the Depth of field in the image and apply the sky accordingly. You can also fine-tune the sky adjustment if needed. They use scene relight technology to match the sky with the lighting and colors in the scene.

Ai Sky Replacement in Luminar 4

Ai Sky Replacement in Luminar 4

Skylum has given the option to preorder Luminar 4 for all existing Luminar users. They are giving Luminar 4 at a special price of $49 and it will made available one week before the official launch. But, the offer is limited to only 20,000 people.

I have already tested and reviewed Luminar 3. You can always have a look at my review of Luminar 3 photo editing software.

Source: Skylum