You can transform your wonderful images into different types of custom photo gifts and present them to your friends and relatives on various special occasions. In this guide, I will share the best photo gift ideas to try in 2024. It is also a good way to display your images.

1. Framed Photo Prints

Framed Photo Prints

It is a good idea to frame one of your good images and give it as a gift. If you plan to give a framed photo print as a gift, make sure that the image that you select will be loved by the person.

You can also get the photo printed on different types of paper. It includes canvas, luster, matte, glossy, etc. You can even go for metallic or acrylic prints.

2. Post Cards

Custom photo postcard

If it is Christmas or New Year’s time, you can even take prints of your pictures in postcard sizes. Hand it over to your relatives and friends.

Don’t forget to add your personalized messages on the back of the card. You can even sign on top of the image.

3. Custom Photo T-Shirt

Custom Photo t-shirt

Customized photo t-shirts have been the trend for quite a long time. Now also, it is one of the popular custom gift ideas. But you need to know the T-shirt size of the person.

Also, don’t stick to the regular black and white t-shirts. Go for some other interesting colors. It is also a good idea to gift the custom photo t-shirt in the person’s favorite color.

4. Custom Photo Calendars

Custom photo calendar as gift

Select a dozen of good pictures from your collection. You can use each of these images for each month to create a wonderful custom photo calendar.

There are many websites that allow you to create such calendars. You just need to upload your pictures to such sites and place your images to create one.

5. Customized Photo Key Ring

Custom Photo Key Ring

A photo keyring is another good custom photo gift idea.

You can get photo key rings in different designs and shapes. You can easily get it online.

6. Custom Photo Magnets

Custom Photo Fridge Magnets

There are people who love to display photo magnets on their refrigerators. You can turn your pictures into photo magnets and give them as a gift.

If you plan to give photo magnets as a gift, print at least 6 or 12 numbers.

7. Photo Mug

Custom Photo Mug

There are many places out there, both online and offline, where you can print photo mugs for gifting. There are multiple varieties of mugs available these days.

Apart from normal mugs, there are heat-sensitive mugs. These mugs will appear black. When you pour any hot liquid into it, the mug will slowly turn white and you can see the printed photo on it.

8. Photo Necklace

If you plan to give a custom photo gift to your wife or girlfriend, then a photo necklace will be a good option.

There are two types of photo necklaces you can get in the market. One where you can keep two pictures on either half. It will come usually in the shape of a heart or circle. You can see the pictures when you open it.

The other type of necklace will allow you to keep only one image. Here, you can keep a picture of both of you.

9. Notebook with Custom Cover

Custom Photo Notebook Cover

It is a good idea to gift a notebook with one of your pictures printed on the cover. It helps to add a personalized touch to the gift.

Notebooks are available in different sizes. So, you need to take the aspect ratio into account. Otherwise, you will end up chopping the sides of the image.

10. Photo Blanket

A custom photo blanket is another good option. Photo blankets come in very large sizes. So, when you select pictures for photo blankets, make sure they are of good resolution.

It is because your photos will be printed in big size. If the image resolution is low, the picture will not look good in the blanket.

11. Digital Photo Frame with Pictures

If you are interested in sharing lots of images as a gift, it is good to go for a digital photo frame. It will be a bad idea to take prints of all the images and give them as a gift.

You can load the entire collection of pictures in the digital picture frame using a memory card. The digital picture frame is available in different sizes. You can pick any.

12. Custom Photo Bookmarks

If the person is interested in reading books, it is a good idea to gift photo bookmarks.

Consider adding some eye-catching text or quotes along with your images to make the bookmark look more interesting. Pick a theme for the bookmarks. Print a dozen or more based on this theme.