Are you looking to dress up for a headshot photography shoot? If yes, then you may be a bit confused when selecting the right dress. When it comes to headshots, it is the top portion of the dress that is of concern since the frame will be only up to your chest level or waist level, starting from your head. So, in this article, I will explain the different dress options for both men and women for a headshot photography shoot.

1. Women’s Dress Code for Headshots 👩🏻

Let us start with the dress style for women. When it comes to headshots, you should also think about the background. It will be either a plain white background or a dark black or greyish background. So, your attire should be of a colour in contrast with the background.

  👉🏼 Formal

Women Dress code Photography Headshot Shoot

Patterned outfits don’t look suitable for a formal headshot for ladies. So, use a plain coloured blazer or jacket, preferably in the darker shade to make the portrait stand out. Make sure that you use a full-sleeved one.

Ladies can wear a shirt or a blouse inside. If you are wearing a shirt, keep the collar button open.

For a blouse or t-shirt-like dresses, you need to take the neckline shape into account. The shape of your neckline should complement the shape of your face. So, try multiple necklines and select the best.

If you find it challenging to choose one, then take a few dresses with you and ask for the photographer’s opinion. Always use a light shade dress for shirts or blouses. Plain white or ivory coloured shirts look good.

Also, make sure that your hair is neatly combed, just like how you go to the office for a high-level meeting. You can also use a lipstick or lip balm.

If you are planning to wear any necklace or chain, try to keep it to one piece. A simple chain with a locket would be an ideal choice.

  👉🏼 Casual

Woman Casual Dress code Headshot Photography Shoot

When it comes to ladies’ casual headshots, you have the option to wear designer outfits that you like the most. You can go for colourful shades of red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. A coat is not compulsory for casual headshots. But, still, you can go for designer coats if interested.

You can keep your comfortable hairstyle. If you are interested in wearing a necklace, then go for any chain that you like the most. The chain should blend well with your outfit.

2. Men’s Dress Code for Headshots 👨🏻 

  👉🏼 Formal

Men Formal Dress code Headshot Photography Shoot

If you are planning  a formal headshot, then a blazer or a suit coat is a must. Dark Black, Navy Blue, and Dark Blue jackets work for both dark and light backgrounds.

It is good to have a tie to get a more professional formal look. You can go for a tie with minimal design work. It will be good if you can take two or three ties with you to try out.

Always wear a contrast colour shirt inside. So, if you are using a dark blue suit coat, then wear a white or sky blue colour shirt. Make sure that the shirt is a full-sleeved one.

  👉🏼 Casual

Men Casual Dress code Headshot Photography

When it comes to casual men’s headshot, you don’t have to put on a suit coat. You can go for a designer blazer with a zipper.

You can wear a V-neck T-shirt inside. Even a round neck Tee will also do.

You can also wear a shirt or T-shirt alone for casual headshots. So, it would be good to carry more than one dress when you go for a casual headshot photography shoot. Thus, you can try different combinations with different backgrounds.

3. General Guidelines

Dress For Headshot Photography

Here are some additional dress code tips that are typical for both men and women:

  👉🏼 Glasses

If you are a person who wears spectacles all the time, then you don’t have to remove it. You can use it in your headshot image, too.

  👉🏼 Practice in Front of a Mirror

You can wear your selected outfit and sit in front of a mirror to see how it looks. Try out multiple dress outfits before finalizing one.


So, if you are planning to go for a headshot, you can use these tips 😎to get the best images. You can always search for the best headshot photographers in your area.

For example, if you live in Chicago, then you can Google search for a headshot photographer from Chicago to see the works of the headshot photographers nearby and choose the best amongst them that fits in your budget.

In this digital age where online presence is absolutely important, a professional headshot picture will boost your online profile 🚀.