You can turn your ordinary images into extraordinary images by cropping the image creatively. Sometimes, when you are capturing an image you may not be able to position your subject correctly in the frame. This can be due to several reasons.

From the above two images, you can clearly feel the difference. The cropped image has got a better perspective when compared to the original one.

Apply Rule of Thirds

If you have failed to apply the “Rule of Thirds” when you are taking a photo then you may want to apply it later in the post-processing tool. Turn on your grids in your processing tool and align the grid lines properly. Once you get the desired alignment, crop it.

Cropping V/S Megapixels

Is cropping related to the megapixels of the image? Yes, it is related. If you shoot your image in low resolution (lower megapixels) and crop the image, you may end up in a pixelated image. This is because you are effectively reducing the number of pixels in the image. So, whenever you are cropping an image make sure that it has got a good resolution enough to withstand the cropping.

Cropping & Focal Length of the Lens

One of the reasons for cropping an image is due to the available focal length. The focal length of your lens system may not be enough to zoom in close to your subject. So, you will have to crop the image later for a better perspective. If you are on a budget and you cannot afford for a lens with focal lengths in the telephoto range then cropping is a good option.

Remove the Distractions

There should not be any element of distraction in the image. If there are any unwanted subjects in the image then the focus of the viewer may get shifted. This should be avoided. So, crop creatively to remove the unwanted elements from the image. Enhance your photos by cropping images.



Actual Image


An example Of a Poorly Cropped Image

The picture above shows an example of a poorly cropped image. Due to the lower resolution of the photograph, cropping has resulted in a pixelated image.