There are two main ways to earn as a photographer. One is to take up photoshoots for clients and the other is through selling images. Image sales can be in the form of prints or digital photos. What if I tell you that you can also earn income from your images through another way. I don’t think many photographers are using this technique to earn an additional income.

You can sell custom photography goodies to generate and extra income.

What Are Photography Goodies?

Custom photography caps

Photography goodies are customized photography items like t-shirts, jackets, caps, mugs, keychains, etc. These things will have your brand logo or your images. It can be even an imprint of digital design based on your images.

How to Sell Photography Goodies?

The best way to sell your photography goodies is online. You can also keep some sample goodies at your office for selling.

There are multiple ways you can make the sale online. I have listed a few below.

Online Store

setting up photography goodies online store

When you are doing photography, then you must have a good photography website too, where you can publish your images and blog posts.

You can add an online photography goodies store on your website. It is one of the best methods to sell your goodie.

Whenever a customer visits your website, then they will definitely go through the goodies section.

You can also sell the photography goodies through sites like Etsy.

Print On Demand

You will need a lot of investment if you are planning to buy machines for manufacturing and printing your photography goodies. So, I recommend going for the Print on Demand model for your photography goodies.

So, you can create a digital design for your custom photography products. There are many companies that offer these services.

So, once the customer places an order for your custom photography goodies, then the order will be forward to the company who will print and produce the custom goodies and they will ship it directly to your client.

So, you can avoid the headache of manufacturing and shipping these goodies. You can visit this site if you want to give it a try. Thus, no extra investment is needed from your site on any kind of machine for printing or manufacturing these products.

The Brand Factor

photographer browsing pictures

The number of products that you can sell will fully depend on your photography brand value. So, if you are a popular photographer, both in your area and in the web, then you will have better sales.

So, try to build your brand.

The SEO Factor

Building an awesome website with an online store is not enough to get good sales. You must also optimize your website and the online store in such a way that it shows in search engine results for appropriate keywords.

So, you should ensure that your website is a search engine friendly one. Once your website is fully ready, then you can either do the SEO work by yourself or you can hire any consultant.

Social Media Factor

The best way to sell photography goodies is through social media sites. You can directly post your photography products on your Facebook page or Instagram.

Your fan followers would be definitely interested to purchase these items.

Better the Design Better the Sales

You must ensure that the designs on these photography goodies are very attractive. You must focus on both men as well as women.

If you are not good at designing these products, then I would strongly recommend taking the service of a professional designer. You can share your ideas or themes with the designer to get the job done.

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What are the Popular Photography Goodies?Custom photography logo tshirt


Even though there are many types of custom photography goodies, you can make, there are a few items that have got good demand in the market.

So, if you are starting an online store to sell photography goodies, then you can consider these items in your priority list.

Caps with your photography brand logos would be a good choice. It will not cost much for the customers also.

You can also design custom photography vests, hoodies, t-shirts, and jackets with your images.

Keychains are another good option. You can embed your brand logo or images in the keychain.


Now, you know one more method to generate income from your photos. So, what are you waiting for, open an online store, and start selling.

Selling these photography goodies will not only help you to earn extra income, but it will also help to market your photography brand indirectly. Thus, you will get more clients for photoshoots also.