Are you getting engaged 💑 ? If yes, then an engagement photo shoot is a must. If you feel that it is not necessary, here are 12 good reasons to prove you otherwise 😎. Let’s take a look at each one:

1. To be Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Bride and Groom-Engagement photo shoot

It may be the first time you’re posing in front of a camera 📷 with your partner. This, then, makes it the perfect opportunity for you to get comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day itself.

Having an engagement photo shoot will allow you to more comfortably express your love and joy in front of the camera. The best photographers will make the most out of getting the best shots, and the whole process will help you get rid of or minimize camera-shy behaviours.

2. For the “Save the Date” Announcement

Engagement photo shoot

Nowadays, many people receive invitations online than in person, especially if they live far away. This is where the “Save the Date” announcement comes in handy.

Engagement pictures taken during the shoot can be used to create beautiful brochures and cards, for both online and printed announcements for the wedding. It is also one of the best ways to introduce both the bride and the groom to all parties involved.

The best time to do the shoot is a couple of months before the wedding. This will give you enough time to design your “Save the Date” cards.

3. To Confirm the Photographer for the Wedding

Conducting an engagement photo shoot early on also helps you determine whether or not you’re happy with the photographer you’re eyeing to get. Otherwise, you need to look for better alternatives.

Through the engagement photo shoot, you can judge the quality of the photographer’s work, as well as their methods, during the whole process.

4. To Capture Beautiful Images 😍 with Your Partner

Engagement photo shoot

Using the services of a professional photographer, you can dress in your style and capture beautiful images with your partner before the wedding day, giving you some of the best life moments to cherish forever.

You can plan your photo shoot by checking online for engagement photo ideas. If you find any ideas or themes that have sparked your interest, be sure to let the photographer know so they can get it done.

5. To Find Your Best Poses 💃🏻🕺🏻      

Through the engagement shoot, you will also come to know your best photo poses. This way, you’ll know which angle or pose highlights your best features, so you can pose your best not only during the wedding day but also in other photo shoots in the future. You will also get to know more about posing styles, as well as get tips from the photographer.

I would recommend looking online for all types of engagement poses. You can even practice in front of the mirror and give the photographer some suggestions as well.

6. For Stunning Portraits

Engagement photo shoot reasons

An engagement photo shoot is also an excellent opportunity to get some stunning portrait shots 😍 in casual clothes. You can use these photos as your profile picture on your online social media platforms.

I recommend carrying multiple dress sets for individual portraits that you and your partner will take. Try different outfits for different scenes, and use different accessories that match with your attire.

7. For Good Rapport with the Photographer

It is essential for the photographer to get to know you and your partner before the wedding. It will help them capture the best pictures during the ceremony, and know which angles work best for you.

Through the engagement photo shoot, you can establish a good rapport with the photographer and they will, in turn, know what you’re comfortable with.

8. Excellent Opportunity to Improve Bride and Groom Bonding 

Engagement photo shoot

Posing and interacting for different photos can help strengthen the bond between the bride and groom.

The more scenes and poses you do together, the more comfortable you will be with each other. This can help you prepare for the big crowd that you will be facing during the wedding shoot itself.

9. Capture the Best Moments before the Wedding

Engagement photo shoot

When you go for an engagement shoot, avoid getting tense and overthinking about how the image will look.

Be calm, and enjoy the moment with your partner to the fullest. These are some of the best moments before the wedding, so don’t miss it.

10. Opportunity to Get your Makeup and Hair Style Right

All engagement shoots are accompanied by the services of a makeup artist and hairstylist. They can quickly come up with the best style that suits the shape of your face and eyes.

This way, you will know which hairstyle and makeup suit you in photos. You can try many hairstyles and many makeup arrangements, and select the best one for your big day.

11. For Home Decoration

Engagement photo shoot couple

You can also use engagement photos to decorate your future home. Have them printed and hung in your home. The feel of a printed photo can never be matched with a digital copy.

Nowadays, you have multiple mediums like photo paper, canvases, clothes, and mugs to get your photos printed. If you are going for the photo paper option, you can choose from multiple types of photo papers. You can also make a photo album with these lovely pictures.

If you have a digital photo frame, you can use these pictures to create an excellent slideshow, which you can keep in your bedroom or living room.

12. To Keep Up with the Trend

In the past, there was only the wedding photo shoot. But now, things have changed. The engagement photo shoot has become a growing trend, thanks in large part to social media.

A lot of people want to share their photos over their social media platforms, and it has also become a trend for couples to create wedding event invitations via Facebook, wherein they can also share engagement photos. This can create anticipation among your relatives and friends, and many of them would be eager to see your pictures.


Now you know why you need to have an engagement photo shoot. Look for the best wedding photographers in your area and get it done. You can also check with your friends and relatives if they know good photographers. Check the photographer’s profile and previous works before hiring them.

Most wedding photography packages will come with the engagement photo shoot. So, it will not cost you much if you avail of both. Some photographers may even do it for free along with the wedding shoot. So, take advantage of these packages when you can.