As a photographer, you will always be in search of great photography spots. Mostly, portrait, travel, fashion, and landscape photographers will constantly look for new spots to create unique images. I will share some good methods that you can use to find awesome photography locations in any place.

 1. Online Search 🔍

You can search on google to find good spots for photography. You can also check the images on google to get a better idea about a certain spot. It will also help you to plan your photoshoot.

2. Through Online Photography Forums 🖥

You can join any good online photography forums and post a new thread asking other members to share good photography spots in that area. Doing so will really help you identify many good unknown photography spots. 

The advantage of using an online photography forum is that the people in the group will be mostly photographers. So, the locations they share will be aesthetically good. You can also ask for the best time to visit these places. Do note that some locations are good only during certain months and certain times of the day.

3. Articles and Blog Posts 💻 

searching photography spots-online

You can look for articles and blog posts on the internet. This will help you get more details about the place. You can see the pictures also from those locations, giving you a better idea about that place. If you are looking for a distant location, then you can also find details, like where to stay and eat.

4. Through Friends 🙍🏼‍♂️ 

You can also check with your friends, especially if they’ve already visited many good spots. You can get a better picture of the places from them. Since the lighting conditions will be different during different times of the day in a place, your friends who have already visited the place will help you get more information. It will really help to plan your photoshoot. 

5. Drive through that area 🚘

beautiful photography spot

You can drive around the place to find good local spots. Believe me, many of the great photography spots are discovered accidentally. While driving through the area, I strongly recommend taking the roads less traveled. From my experience, doing so will help you identify some unique spots. Then, explore all the possible spots in that area.

6. Buy Travel Guides 📖 

You can also invest in good travel guides. For example, if you are traveling to Bhutan from India, then you need to have a good understanding of the good scenic areas in Bhutan. So, if you buy a good travel guide about Bhutan, then you will come to know all the best photography locations in that place.

7. Join Photography Clubs 📷

photography shoot

You can also join good photography clubs in your area. Doing so not only helps you find good local photography spots but it’ll also allow you to meet other people who have been to many good locations for photography. So, it gives you an opportunity to know more hot spots for photography.

8. Check with locals 👳🏻‍♀️

You can also enquire with the locals in that area. Locals will have good knowledge about all the secret locations. They can show you places that you can’t even find online or on maps.

9. Use apps 📱


Nowadays, the majority of people use smartphones. There are many smartphone applications to find photography spots in any area. 

These applications are available for both android and iPhones. Some of the popular applications include PlanIt, Pixeo, and PhotoPills. So, make use of these applications.

10. Check with Local photographers 📸 

You can also check with the local photographers in that area. You can check in Google, Facebook, and Instagram to find the local photographers in any place. So, you can shoot them a private message to find out good local places. 

You can also take them along with you if they are interested. Doing so will also allow you to have a guide, which is important especially if it is in a remote location. When you are using their service, don’t forget to pay them.


You can try any of these methods to find the best photography spots in an area. You must also know the lighting conditions and the weather at these spots at different times of the day. Some spots are good only during the early morning and late evening time because of the lighting conditions. So, you must plan your photoshoot accordingly.

Some photographers, like the portrait photographer, Laura Shortt, are always looking for new photography spots to create unique images every time for her photoshoot. Of course, it helps to build an awesome portfolio of unique pictures.