Corporate headshot photography is getting more popular these days. So, if you run a corporate business, be it small or large, the corporate headshots of your employees are essential. Of course, you might be wondering why you need to spend more to hire a professional photographer to capture your employee headshots.

I will give you 10 good reasons to capture corporate headshots of your employees.

1. For Company Website Content

photographing corporate headshots

Your company likely has a business website where you share different services and products offered. Here, you will also be sharing your team profile along with their qualifications.

These headshots will go in the “Meet our Team” or “About Us” page on the company website, so it’s essential to have a high-quality headshot for each employee. Only a professional headshot photographer can guarantee high-quality images so opt to hire one instead of doing it yourself.

2. For Employee LinkedIn Profiles

Most, if not all, employees will have a LinkedIn profile, which helps brand your company. Therefore, a high-quality headshot will ensure that all your employees have professional corporate headshots for their LinkedIn profiles.

3. To Bring Uniformity To Profile Shots

lighting set up for corporate headshot photography

Your employees would have joined at different points in time and the headshots they’ve submitted will be from different photographers. Because of this, there will be a difference in quality across all these images, and uniformity will be absent among these photos.

If you use the service of a high-quality professional photographer, then you can ensure that all the headshot images maintain the same quality and uniformity.

4. For Branding

Branding is very essential in this digital age as it helps bring in more clients.

Many of the branding techniques used by companies make use of employee photos. These images help improve the brand value of your company, so the quality of employee headshots is a point of concern.

5. To Improve Credibility

Credibility is always essential in any business. In this digital age, website and social media content help increase your company’s credibility. That said, you must ensure that whatever content goes into the website or social media pages of the company, be it content or employee photos, they must be of very high quality.

6. To Capture The Best Portraits Of Your Staff

employee corporate headshot

If you ask your employees to submit their headshots, then you won’t be able to collect high-quality images and good-looking portraits from everyone. The service of a professional corporate headshot photographer will help fix this issue.

The photographer will ensure that all the headshots of your staff members are captured in the best possible pose.  A good professional photographer will also make use of high-end DSLR/Mirrorless/Medium format cameras to capture images. They will also make use of high-quality professional lighting to illuminate the scene. Thus, high-quality headshots are guaranteed.

7. For Employee Business Cards

Nowadays, most companies will include the employee’s headshot in business cards to give it a professional look.

Keep in mind that these images must be clear and visible. Even though the area occupied by the image is small, there’s no compromising the image quality when it comes to company business cards.

Don’t depend on your employee’s smartphone camera for business card images and hire a professional photographer instead.

8. For Personal & Professional Blogs

Nowadays, most employees will have personal or professional blogs to showcase their skills and knowledge.

Employees can also use these headshots for their personal and professional blogs, which can give these pages the credibility and professional look they need.

9. To Attract New Employees

corporate headshot photo

You must also ensure that your company attracts employees outside of your company.

If you add professional corporate headshots to your website, brochures, press releases, and other public documents, then it will definitely help attract new employees to your team.

10. To Stand Out From The Crowd

Never ask your employees to submit their headshots for use on your company website. It’s more than likely that they will only use their smartphones, and such pictures will lack a professional look.

Corporate headshots must make you stand out from the crowd, so it’s imperative to go for a high-quality professional corporate headshot photographer to capture your employees’ headshots.

Don’t go for a cheap low-quality photographer. You will end up wasting your time and money. As always, go for the best.


Now you know the various advantages of capturing corporate headshots of your employees.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire the best corporate photographer in your area and capture professional employee headshots for your business.