When it comes to corporate headshot photography, we have both females as well as males as our subjects. But, the approach that we take to photograph a female headshot is entirely different from that of a male one. So, the challenges that you face as a photographer will be different.

In this article, I will share eight tips that will help you capture stunning female corporate headshots.

1. Go for a Solid Color Wardrobe

corporate female headshot photography

If you check the various corporate headshot examples on the internet, you will be surprised to find that almost all the images will have people wearing clothes of solid colors. Out of the solid colors, people prefer dark colors over light ones.

It is an excellent idea to suggest appropriate wardrobe colors to your client before the shoot. It will help you to capture the best pictures.

2. Make your Female Client Comfortable

Do a friendly chit-chat with your female client before and during the shoot. It will ensure that they are comfortable with you. In addition, it will help to capture natural-looking shots.

Whenever they pose for you and you capture it in-camera, you can complement them and say they have done a great job. It will help to boost their confidence. Thus, you can capture fantastic images.

3. Hair Style & Color

different hairstyles and colors

Different ladies will have different color hairs. The hairstyle will also vary. Some will have long hair, whereas others may have short hair.

It is a good idea to hire a hairstylist so that they can do the necessary styling on each of the lady employees. In addition, it will help to make the person look best in the images.

4. Capture Multiple Poses

Female corporate headshot photography

The face shape will differ for different females. Some will have oval, rectangular, and round-shaped faces.

When you do the shoot, you can request the client to do head turns at different angles and capture multiple images. For example, the head turn angle in which an oval-faced lady looks best may not suit a round-faced lady.

Later, when you sit for editing, you can choose the best one among the lot.

5. Separation from Background

In a professional corporate headshot, you don’t want to bring the details in the background to be visible in the picture. A soft blurry background is what you should be looking for in the image.

The most commonly seen background will be in the shades of black or white. However, many companies prefer black background as it helps to make their staff stand out in the headshot images.

It is always a good idea to provide a few background choices to the client. For example, if the client has some particular color background in mind that matches their company theme, you should also stick to that color.

6. Make-up

makeup for headshot photography

It is a good idea to tell your client to do basic make-up so that they will look good on the final image. However, it would be best if you also told them not to overdo it. Otherwise, the final image will not look good. It is essential to ensure a natural look to the picture.

If the female staffs come for the photoshoot with good make-up, as a photographer, you will find it easy to retouch the final image after the shoot.

It is good to tell your female clients to do a facial one week before the shoot. It will help get a nice skin tone and texture in the final image.

7. Use Professional Lighting For Female corporate headshot photography

When someone hires you for corporate headshot photography, they expect you to have all the camera gears and accessories for the shoot. If you go there with your DSLR/ mirrorless camera with a single flash setup, it will not look good.

You need to take a good lighting system with you that includes proper color-calibrated lights and diffusers.

8. Tethered Shooting

tethered shooting for headshots

It will be tough for you to zoom in on each image after the capture to see if everything is in focus and you are getting the right expression on the face. It is due to the small LCD in the camera.

So, I strongly recommend using a tethered shooting setup. It will allow you to view the image on your computer monitor after capture. It will help you to decide whether you need to go for a retake or not.

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Now, you know the various tips that will help you capture beautiful corporate headshots. If you are into the female corporate headshot photography business or planning to take it up, you will find these tips very useful.