As you all know, vinyl is one of the popular materials used for backdrops, apart from paper and cloth. There are many advantages of using a vinyl backdrop. In this article, I will be reviewing one of the vinyl backdrops from Fox Backdrops. Thanks to Fox Backdrops for sending me a vinyl backdrop for review. I have received a 6.5x10ft vinyl backdrop with floral patterns. It came inside a long PVC tube.

I will be reviewing this backdrop based on various factors.

Look and Feel 😊

fox vinyl backdrop review

This vinyl backdrop from Fox Backdrops comes in a matte finish. There is no shine on the backdrop surface. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any reflection coming from the backdrop surface.

The material quality is really good. One can feel it just by rubbing the fingers on the backdrop surface. The floral pattern print on the backdrop which they have sent me looks really good.

Backdrop Sizes 📏

fox vinyl backdrop sizes

They offer their vinyl backdrops in 7 different sizes. You can easily get a backdrop for a newborn shoot, portraits, family portraits, and group photos. Thus, they ensure that their vinyl backdrops cater to the needs of all types of photographers out there.

Their smallest vinyl backdrop comes at a size of (3×5 feet) 1×1.5 meters and the largest one is (7×12 feet) 2.2×3.7 meters. All the sizes are shown above.

They don’t offer any size customization options. Only standard sizes are available.

Waterproofing 💦 

People expect a vinyl backdrop to be waterproof. It helps to repel any water droplets that can come in contact with the background during the shoots.

I tried sprinkling a few drops of water onto the backdrop. It does not stick to its surface. I was able to wipe off the water from the backdrop using a cloth. If it is colored water then you may have to use some shampoo to clean it off completely. But, remember, don’t try washing this backdrop. You will end up damaging it.

Cleaning 🧺 

fox vinyl backdrop review

When you hang the vinyl backdrop for a long time, dust and dirt can get accumulated on its surface. You can easily clean it by wiping the backdrop surface with a damp cloth.

Provision for Hanging 🤔

There are no pockets provided in the vinyl backdrop for handing from a rod. So, you need to use the backdrop clips to hang them in the backdrop stand.

You don’t have to use any clips on the sides since this backdrop hangs smoothly without any wrinkles on the surface.

Storage 🗞

You can easily fold a fabric backdrop and store it when you are not using it. But, in the case of a vinyl backdrop, you need to keep it in the rolled state, if you are not using it. If you are using a large vinyl backdrop, then you may find it tough to roll and store it.

Weight 🏋️‍♀️
Photoshoot with Fox vinyl backdrop

The Fox vinyl backdrop which I received is not that heavy. You can easily roll it into a small tube.

If you are using a long vinyl backdrop, then it is always better to carry it inside a tube, rather than in the rolled form in hand. It is because, in the case of a long viny backdrop roll, there is a chance that it can bend due to its weight and rolled length.

Cost 💵 

If you compare a vinyl backdrop with a paper or cloth backdrop of the same size, it will be costly. 3×5 ft is the smallest size offered by Fox backdrops and it costs around $49.

The 6.5×10 ft backdrop that they have sent me costs around $185. Their largest size, which is 7×12 ft vinyl backdrop costs around $259. Considering the quality of the material, it is not that costly.

You can check their online store if you are interested to purchase this vinyl backdrop.

Conclusion 😎 

This vinyl backdrop from Fox backdrops is of pretty good quality. They offer many designs also. So, if you are a person looking for a vinyl backdrop with any particular theme in mind, then you can definitely find one from their collection. You can even use these backdrops for capturing flat-lay images.