Have you ever thought of being a Google Trusted Photographer (GTP)? What if I tell you that being a GTP can help you to boost your photography career? In this article, I will share the benefits of getting certified as “Google Trusted Street View Photographer.”

What Do You Mean By Google Trusted Photographer?

Google Trusted Photographer

Google Trusted Photographer is a recognition given by Google to photographers who upload 360-degree images to Google.

You need to own a 360-degree camera like a Ricoh Theta to capture such images. Pictures from any other type of camera will not work. There are many other 360-degree cameras from other brands, and you can choose any.

Moreover, you cannot upload just any 360-degree picture to Google to get certified. There are some criteria for images to be uploaded for you to become a GTP.

You need to upload 50 360-degree pictures first through the Google Street View application. Of course, this will consume a reasonable amount of time and effort. It is not going to be an easy task, but it is an excellent opportunity for you to improve your 360-degree photography skills.

Only after this process will Google send you the email invitation to become a Google Trusted Street View Photographer.

Keep in mind that you cannot upload photos in your desired specifications as these will get rejected. So, make sure that your images stick to Google’s guidelines. If you are interested in becoming one, then use this guide on how to become a Google Trusted Photographer to get all the details.

If you already own a 360-degree camera and are looking for good photography opportunities, then becoming a GTP may be a good option.

Benefits of Being a Google Trusted Photographer 😎

360 Degree Photography

Here are some ways that being a Google Trusted Photographer can benefit you and your career:

1. Get Promoted by Google Online 🚀 

You are getting a free promotion for your photography business through Google, the world’s most popular and trusted search engine.

What more could you ask for? So, don’t miss it.

2. Better Reach for Your Photography Business

Nowadays, everything happens online, and selecting a photographer is no exception.

So, if you are looking to improve your reach in the local photography business, then becoming a GTP is one of the best ways to do it. This will also be very useful for real estate and interior photographers.

3. Profile Recognition

Photographer with camera

After getting certified, you can use the Google badge in your profile, website, social media accounts, and even in your visiting cards, which increases your credibility as a photographer. It also helps in improving your overall brand value.

4. Better Client Trust 😇

When someone approaches you for any photography job, they will be looking at the portfolio of your images and reviews. Having a GTP badge helps you gain customer trust easily, so use it to your advantage. You have more chances of getting hired when you have a GTP badge under your name.

5. Helps Build Local Contacts

When creating the 50 360-degree shots you need, you will likely be capturing the images of a shop or a restaurant in your locality. Through this, the owner of a shop or restaurant is getting free promotion, which will make them happy.

This way, you can develop good contacts with the local shops during the whole process of compiling your 360-degree shots. These contacts can help you get your next client, either directly or through referrals.

6. Opportunity for Paid Service via Google

Paid opportunities Google Trusted Photographer

Google won’t pay you for uploading 360-degree images. But once you get certified as a GTP, then you have the opportunity for your services to get paid.

If some business in your locality requests for 360-degree images from Google, then Google will redirect the offer to you. The business owner will then pay you once the job gets completed.

Keep in mind, however, that you will not get any payment directly from Google for these opportunities.

7. Direct Paid Business Opportunity

If you are a GTP, you can also contact your local business directly and get paid for such photoshoots.

As mentioned, the Trusted Photographer badge from Google will help you gain the trust of local clients.


Now that you know how being a Google Trusted Photographer can help improve your photography business, consider giving it a try. I am pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed with your efforts.

You can use your GTP account in one location only. If you are not planning to use this, then you are losing one excellent marketing opportunity for your photography business.

Currently, GTP is not available in all countries, so check out the availability in your area, especially if you are looking to invest in a new 360-degree camera.