In this article, I will be doing a complete in-depth review of one of the fabric backdrops from Kate backdrops. A backdrop is one of the essential photography accessories for a studio photographer.

Thanks to Kate Backdrops for sending one of their fabric backdrops for review. I have received an 6.5×10 ft (2×3 m) fabric backdrop. I will review it based on different factors that a customer looks for in a photography backdrop.

Looks & Quality 😊 

kate backdrop photoshoot

The quality of the fabric is really good. The fabric is some kind of felt-like material. There is no extra shine on the surface. So, you don’t have to worry about the unnecessary reflection of light from the backdrop surface.

Cheap quality fabric backdrops produce some unwanted shine when the light falls on them, which will make the final image uninteresting. Look wise and quality-wise; this backdrop is really good.

Available Sizes 

Kate fabric backdrop size list

Backdrops are one of the essential accessories for most photographers, especially studio photographers. When doing a portrait shoot or a newborn shoot, a backdrop is a must. You can’t do the photoshoot without it.

One of the main issues with most of the backdrops is their size. Many backdrop manufacturers provide backdrops only in a few standard sizes. As a photographer, you may not need such a big size backdrop at times. It will be tough to carry it with you, especially when you are going for an outdoor shoot.

If you buy a big backdrop and cut it to reduce the size, then the design on the backdrop will change if it is not a plain colored one.

Kate backdrops offer their fabric backdrop in 9 sizes, along with the customizable option as per the customer requirement. The sizes that are listed on their website are good enough for most of the photoshoots.

Washing 🧼 

portrait shot with kate fabric backdrop

One of the main issues with paper backdrops is the accumulation of dirt over a period of time. So, you will have to cut and remove some parts from the paper roll frequently.

The fabric backdrop can be washed. So, it is easy to remove the dirt from it. I tried washing this backdrop one time. It is easy to wash. But you will have to iron it again to remove the creases.

Hanging Options 😎

rod insertion pocket for hanging

They have provided a pocket on one of the 6.5 ft side for hanging the backdrop easily from a rod using a backdrop stand. So, you don’t have to use any additional clips on top to hang it.

But, you will have to use good quality backdrop clips on either side while hanging. It is necessary to ensure that the fabric cloth remains in the stretched state. Otherwise, there will be wrinkles visible in the backdrop during the shoot. It is essential for all fabric backdrops.


kate fabric backdrop

This fabric backdrop comes in a folded package. When you open the backdrop, you will find creases because of the folding. So, you cannot use it directly.

Kate backdrops have used a special wrinkle-resistant fabric for manufacturing these backdrops. So, there is a quick and easy way to remove all the creases from the backdrop. You can drop the fabric backdrop inside the dryer along with a damp cloth. Spin it for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can hang it for drying. If you still find some wrinkles, you can do a touch-up with your steamer. When you iron, don’t go for a higher temperature. If you use a higher temperature, it can burn the felt material in the fabric. So, do it carefully.

Cost 💵

portrait shoot

The cost of the backdrop will vary with size. Their smallest backdrop comes in a size of 3×5 feet, and it costs 36 AUD (26.38$). The largest one is around 3×6 meters, and the cost is 324 AUD (238$).

You can check their online store to know the price for other available sizes. Considering the quality of the backdrop, it is not that costly.


Overall, it is a good fabric backdrop from Kate backdrops. I hope this one lasts for a long time, even after multiple usage and washes.

The different size options provided by Kate Backdrops make it easy to select the right backdrop for all types of photographers for a reasonable price. They also offer a wide variety of backdrop designs. So, you can easily get a backdrop that matches your photoshoot theme.