If you are starting a new photography studio, then you will be looking for all the necessary accessories for your photo studio. Unfortunately, there are many photography studio accessories out there. So, it can be confusing for you to select the right ones. So, I will share the list of all must have photography accessories for your photography studio.

 You can consider investing in the following photography studio accessories.


1. Photography Backdrop

Photo studio accessories

A photography backdrop is one of the essential things to have in a photography studio. However, investing in a single backdrop won’t be enough. You must have a set of good photography backdrops. It gives you more flexibility to change the photo background according to the theme. You can go for few solid color backdrops as well as for few textured ones. 


The photography backdrops are available in different materials, styles, and sizes. So, it is essential to have a good understanding of photography backdrops. It will help you to choose the right one.


2. Light Diffusers

Light diffuser in studio

You cannot use artificial lighting directly on the subject for the photoshoot. These are strong lights. So, it will result in harsh shadows on the subject. So, you need to convert this light into soft light. So, you need to invest in diffusers.


Diffusers help to convert the harsh light into soft light. They also help to spread the light to more areas. 


3. Reflectors


Photo studio accessories

Reflectors are one of the most important photography studio accessories. You will need reflectors to bounce the light. There are many types of photography reflectors. It includes a white reflector, black reflector, silver reflector, and golden reflector. They come in collapsible and non-collapsible forms. You will mostly need all these reflectors.


They are also available in different sizes. So, you need to choose the appropriate size based on your usage. 


4. Remote Triggers

Remote Flash Trigger Set

You will have to trigger different types of equipment in a photography studio. It includes the camera and the flashes. So, invest in a good quality trigger that is compatible with your camera and flashes.


5. Lighting System

Photography Studio lights 

A good lighting system is a must for a photography studio. You can invest in the continuous and flash lighting system. The continuous lighting systems are available with different power intensities. So, you need to ensure that you select the right one.


Some of the popular lighting brands include Apurture, Elinchrom, Godox, Rotolight, And Profoto. Whatever light you select, you must ensure that the light is capable of producing accurate color without any issues.


6. Tripod

Tripod for Low Light Photography


It is essential to have a good tripod in your photography studio. It is good to invest in a high-quality tripod that is capable of mounting the camera in all possible positions. You can go for an aluminum or a carbon-fibre one. Some of the popular tripod brands include the Manfrotto, Gitzo, Peakdesign, etc.


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7. Backdrop Stand

Photography studio accessories 

You will be using multiple backdrops in your photo studio. So, you must have good stands to hang these backdrops. You can also go for the wall mount clamps for hanging the backdrops.


8. Light Stand 

C stand

You will also need light stands to hold your lighting system. A single light stand won’t be enough. You will be using multiple lights in a studio. So, you will need many types of light stands.

While selecting a light stand, make sure that the light stand is capable of handling the light of the weight. For example, some of the continuous lightings tend to be heavy, especially when you combine them with light diffuser systems. So, a heavy-duty stand would be needed for such lights.


9. White Balance Cards


White Balance Cards

In order to ensure perfect colors, you can also use white balance cards. They usually come as a set of three. It consists of cards in white, grey, and black colors.


10. Laptop/ Computer


Laptop for photo editing

Sometimes, you need to tether your camera to your computer to trigger the capture. It also allows you to export the photos directly to your computer when you trigger the capture. It gives you a better viewing experience of the picture. You can connect your camera to the computer through Wi-Fi or through a wired connection.


You will also have to use photo editing software like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop to organize and retouch your images. So, you need a good computer.


11. Photo Printer

Photo Printer

You will have to take printouts of the photoshoot. So, a high-quality printer is a must. Go for a photo printer model that supports high-resolution photo prints with accurate color reproduction.


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12. Electrical Accessories


Finally, you will also need the electrical accessories to power up your lighting systems, computers, and charge camera batteries. So, invest in high-quality power strips with sufficient sockets that are required for powering your devices. Makes sure that the current ratings of your electrical accessories match with the current requirement of your photography stuff.