There is no point in capturing and sharing images if no one notices your pictures. Of course, if you are doing photography as a hobby, it will not matter much even if people do not notice your photos. But still, you want people to see your pictures and comment on them. It will inspire you to capture more images.

If you are a professional photographer, you must ensure that your photography works get the proper attention from the viewers. It will help to bring more clients and thereby improve your photography business.

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In this article, I will share 15 ways that you can use to get your images noticed by more people.

1. Share Images in Social Media Sites

Get your photos noticed through Instagram

One of the best and easy ways to show your images is by leveraging the power of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can share your pictures on your Facebook profile. If you are really serious about your photography, you can consider starting a Facebook page for photography.

For photographers, Instagram will be a better platform when compared to Facebook. When posting on Instagram, make sure to use the right hashtags for the image. It will help to improve the reach of your post.

2. Frame and Hang Pictures on Your Wall at Home

photo framed on wall

You can also consider printing and framing your pictures. Then, you can hang the framed prints in your living room.

You can go for canvas or paper prints. When it comes to paper print, there are different types of photo papers. You can select any of these papers according to your image.

When you use photo frames, ensure that the frame matches the color and texture of your wall. Selecting the frame according to the wall will make your room look even more beautiful. To get a better idea, you can also look at the A1 photo frame for the commonly available types of frames.

3. Hang Your Photo Prints in Your Office

framed photo at office wall

If you have an office space, it is also a good idea to hang the framed prints in your office also. Then, people who visit your office will get to see the image.

If you are into the photography business, you must hang high-quality photo prints in your office. It will help to bring more business.

4. Showcase Your Pictures in Your Online Portfolio Websites

Online Portfolio Gallery

Setting up an online portfolio website with your images is another way to get your photography noticed.

Nowadays, it is pretty easy to set up a portfolio website, and it will not cost you much. However, you must ensure that the images you post on your website are of web quality and have a decent resolution.

If you upload the original image as such, it will take lots of space and time to load. If you are using Adobe Lightroom for editing, you can use these Lightroom export settings for web quality.

5. Share Your Images on Popular Photo Sharing Websites

Photo sharing sites for photographers

Sharing images on your website and social media sites alone won’t be sufficient to get you the reach. You must share pictures on all famous photo sharing websites like Flickr, 500px, SmugMug, etc.

There are many such sites out there. You can create a page/ profile on these sites and upload your pictures.

The main advantage of sharing your pictures on these sites is that the users are mostly photographers and people interested in photography. So, you will get a better idea of how your images are actually doing. It will really help to improve your photography.

6. Share Your Images In WhatsApp & Telegram Groups

Whatsapp and Telegram

Nowadays, everyone uses WhatsApp for sharing messages, images, and documents. Therefore, there will be many photography groups also.

You can join or create photography groups on WhatsApp. Share your pictures in these WhatsApp groups. You can also show your images in WhatsApp Status.

Sharing your pictures in Telegram groups is another good option. The advantage of using the Telegram group is that there will be more people in the group. So, the reach will be more.

7. Use Photography Forums to Showcase Your Pictures

Photography forum

You need to first research and find popular online photography forums. Once you make a list of the best ones, you can join each of these forums.

You can post your pictures in appropriate threads in the forums. It is also an excellent opportunity to get feedback on your images.

This feedback will help to improve your images.

8. Try Publishing in Newspapers & Magazines

It is always a great feeling when your images get printed in newspapers and magazines.

These newspapers and magazines have a very good reach. So, your pictures will be seen by thousands of people.

Even a local newspaper can show your pictures to many. So, if you get a chance, don’t miss it.

9. Go for An Out-of-the-Box Photoshoot

Out of the Box Photoshoot

If you capture images the same way as other fellow photographers in your niche, no one will be interested in seeing your images. It is because the image will be another copy of an already existing image.

So, you need to think out of the box. You can go for different composition methods for the same scene. Try shooting from different angles. Whatever you do, make sure that the frame is pleasing for the viewer.

You can also create a theme for the photoshoot based on the current trending topics. It is a good idea to make your image go viral also.

Another way to make your image stand out is to use a custom editing style for your pictures. For example, you can use color grading to give the image a different feel and mood.

10. Run a Photography Blog

Photography Blog

Many people believe that starting and running a photography blog is a pain. But believe me, it is quite easy to set up a photography blog.

You can also do it free in places like Medium, Blogspot, etc. However, I strongly recommend purchasing a custom domain and hosting your photography blog if you are serious.

Make sure to post at least one photo blog post a month.

11. Conduct a Photography Exhibition

photography exhibition to get your photos noticed

Conducting a photography exhibition is one of the best ways to showcase your photography works to the people around you. However, there are lots of differences when you see a printed photo versus an image online on a computer or smartphone.

The scene will be more live when it gets printed on a suitable medium. You need a good collection of images on the particular theme/ topic to organize a photo exhibition.

The photography exhibition will also cost some money. You will have to take photo prints, get them framed, and pay for the exhibition hall. So, go for it only if you have a sufficient budget.

Nowadays, there are options to conduct online photo exhibitions also, but I don’t recommend doing that.

12. Create A Coffee Table Book & Start Selling It

You can also consider creating a coffee table book with your images. You can sell these books online through your sites or sites like Amazon, Etsy, etc.

You can also share a copy of your coffee table book to libraries or popular coffee shops where people will come and browse through such books.

13. Capture & Share Only High-Quality Images

When you have just started photography, you will be tempted to share all your images on the web. Please don’t do that.

Whatever pictures you share with others, ensure they are of excellent quality.

Sometimes, you might have captured a great scene in low light. But, the image is full of noise, and it is tough to eliminate those distracting noises. So, in such a case, keep the image with yourself.

14. Create TikTok Videos

Create TikTok Videos

Another interesting way to showcase your photos is through videos. TikTok is one such platform where you can share videos.

You need to make videos using your photos by taking the assistance of a TikTok video editor and share them on TikTok. You can even capture BTS (Behind The Scene) video and share it. You can also share these videos on Instagram reels.

If you have employed any camera trick or settings to capture the image, you can share that also as a short video.

15. Run Ads

Create Ads

Running ads is another good option, which only professional photographers use. You can run ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram to showcase your pictures.

This type of promotion will be useful if you are looking to sell photo prints. It will help to develop your brand.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your chances of getting your photography noticed by trying all the above methods. Most of these methods do not involve any cost. You only have to dedicate some of your time to market your images. So, give it a try.