Are you looking for the best gifts for your photographer friend? If yes, you have come to the right place. I will share the list of best gifts for photographers, that you can present to your friend/relative/husband, who is into photography. They are going to love these gifts. I have listed the items in different price ranges to ensure that you can choose one according to your budget.

1. Camera Cleaning Kit

Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

The camera cleaning kit is one of the essential things in every photographer’s kit. The kit comes with the lens cleaning cloth, cleaning solution, brush, and air blower.

You can use these tools to clean the camera and lens. Always invest in a good cleaning kit. Don’t go for the low-cost cheap brands.

2. Lens Cleaning Pen

Lens Cleaning pen

Lens Cleaning Pen is an easy-to-carry camera and lens cleaning accessory. Nowadays, most photographers carry one in their bag, especially when they are traveling for photography.

It will come with a carbon tip on one side and a brush on the other. You can use the brush to brush off the dust from the exterior of the camera body and lens.

After doing that, you can use the carbon tip side to remove the fingerprints and smudges on the front of the lens.

3. Crystal Ball for Photography

Crystal Ball-Photography Gift for Photographers

Crystal ball/Lens Ball is an exciting accessory to create some unique images.

Any photographer would love to have one to do crystal ball photography. When you buy one, ensure that it is designed for photography. Otherwise, you will not be able to capture good-quality images.

4. Miniature Camera Keychain

Miniature Camera Keychain

There are many types of miniature camera keychains. It is usually made of rubber.

5. External Flash

External Camera Flash

External Flash would be another great gift idea for photographers.

You should know what brand camera your friend is using. You can either buy an external flash from the same brand or a compatible third-party one.

6. Remote Shutter Release for Camera

Camera Wireless Remote

Remote Shutter Release is another useful camera accessory, especially for a Landscape, Nature, Portrait, and Night Photography.

7. Binoculars

If he/she is into bird or wildlife photography, then gifting a Binocular would be a very good option. You can get binoculars in various price ranges.

8. Camera Bag

Camera Bag

You can either go for a small camera bag that can fit a single camera with a lens or a camera backpack that can accommodate multiple camera bodies, lenses, and accessories. Your budget will be the deciding factor. 

9. Flash Gels

Flash Gels

Flash Gels are colored sheets that are kept in front of the flashlight to give the light a specific color. it sets the mood of the frame.

10.Lens Mug

Gifts for Photographers-Lens Mug

Lens Mug is useful to carry hot tea/coffee while working. You can also use it as a decorative item in your workspace or house. They come in different lens model replicas.

11. Smartphone Lens Kit

Best Gifts for Photographers-Smartphone Lens Set

You can get third-party lenses for your Smartphones. Telephoto, Wide-angle, and Macro lenses are the commonly available ones. Some lenses come with special effects.

Ensure that the lenses are compatible with the phone. Some are designed to use only specific smartphones like the iPhone, while others can be attached to any.

12. Nifty Fifty Lens

Nifty Fifty Lens

Nifty Fifty lens is the 50mm f/1.8 prime lens. It is the cheapest prime lens that you can gift to a photographer.

You can get it around for $100 (Canon/Nikon). You can also get third-party lenses from manufacturers like Yongnuo for half this price.

13. External Microphone for Camera

Camera Microphone

An external microphone is useful for shooting videos. Rode is one of the famous brands when it comes to camera microphones. They have various models at different prices.

14. Gorillapod


Gorillapod is a flexible tripod that can be put in any place to mount the camera. Most of the photographers love it. Different models are available for different types of cameras.

15. Table Top Tripod

Table Tripod

Table Top Tripods are small tripods that are used on top of tables.

You can easily fold it and put it in your pocket or camera bag. It is useful for product photography, vlogging, and shooting videos.

16. Camera Strap

Camera Strap

You can get custom-designed camera straps. It allows you to give a customized gift. You can also go for the high-end branded camera straps.

17. Underwater Camera Housing

Underwater Camera Housing

The underwater camera housing is useful to photograph marine life. You need to get an underwater camera housing that suits the camera and lens.

18. Gimbal for Camera

Best Gifts for Photographers-Camera Gimbal

Gimbal is useful for vlogging and shooting videos.

DJI and Zhiyun are two popular Gimbal brands. It will be an expensive gift. So, go for it only if you can afford it.

19. Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

It is useful to take selfies on a trip, both group and single. You can carry it easily in your pocket or camera bag. This way you will have flawless group selfies from any place you visit.

20. Portable Hard Drive

Best Gifts for Photographers-Portable External Hard Drive

A photographer needs lots of storage space to store his digital images. So, a portable hard drive will be the best gift for a photographer. He can carry it along with him during his trips to transfer images.

21. Photography Gloves

Photography Hand Gloves

If you live in a cold region or if your friend does photography in cold places, then good photography gloves would be an ideal gift.

It protects your fingers and also helps to operate the camera buttons efficiently.

22. Flash Trigger Set

Remote Flash Trigger Set

Most of the time, a photographer uses a remote trigger to trigger the external Flash. Sometimes, there will be multiple flashes. So, a flash trigger set would be a good gift.

23. Light Painting Stick

Light Painting Sticks

Light painting sticks will be useful for a person who is into Night photography. They are available in different colors and lengths.

24. Headlamp

Night Headlamp

A headlamp is useful for night photographers. It helps you to view your camera controls in the dark. If you are trekking, then it acts as a light guide.

25. Memory Cards

SD card memory

As a photographer, you will love to have lots of memory cards with you. It makes things easy when you are on a photo expedition for a long time. So, it is one of the best gifts for photographers.

26. Memory Card Carrying Case

Best Gifts for photographers-memory card carrying case

A memory card-carrying case is a useful accessory. It allows the photographer to keep all the memory cards in one place.

There are hard and soft cases. The hard case gives the memory cards reliable protection from shocks and falls. It is also waterproof and weather-resistant to an extent.

27. Photo Mug

Photo Mug

You can get a custom Photo Mug with your favorite photo printed on it. It is available in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

28. Photography Books

Photography Book-The Camera Ansel Adams

It is always a good idea to gift some useful photography books. Check this article, Best Photography Books, to know the best options.

29. Photography Magazine Subscription

Photography Magazine-Digital Camera World

You can also gift him/her a one-year subscription to any good photography magazines. Any photographer would love it.

30. Torchlight


A Good Torchlight is useful for night walks, treks, and camps. It can also be used for photography. Fenix is one good brand when it comes to torchlight. I use it for photographing owls at night.

31. Photo Frame

Photo Frame

A photographer always loves to print and hang his photos on the walls. So, a good photo frame is an excellent gift idea. You can also go for a pack of frames that come with multiple frames of different sizes.

32. Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame

The digital photo frame allows you to load multiple digital images into the frame. So, you can display photos in the room in your room without printing photos. They are available from small sizes to large sizes.

33. Camera Batteries

camera batteries

I always love to have more spare camera batteries in my camera bag. Most of the places which I visit are very remote and don’t have many options for charging batteries. If you are planning to give camera batteries as a gift, then you must know the model of the camera he/she is using.

34. Light Reflector

5 in 1 Light Reflector

The collapsible light reflector is a useful lighting accessory, both outdoors as well as indoors. You can get good 5-in-1 collapsible light reflectors.

35. Camera Filters

Camera Filters

Camera filters are one of the best photo gifts for photographers. Some of the commonly used useful camera filters include ND, Grad ND, and CPL filters. The filter size should match the thread size of the camera lens.

36. Silicon Lens Bracelet

Camera Lens Bracelets

It is a style accessory and is available in different colors. The design varies with different lenses.

37. Memory Card Reader

Most of the photographer loves to take the memory card out of the camera for image transfer. So, a good memory card reader would be an excellent gift idea.

38. Remote Shutter for Phone

Smartphone Remote Trigger

Remote shutter for phones is very useful to trigger the phone camera remotely. It is useful to avoid smartphone shake while capturing an image.

39. Light Diffuser

You can also gift a light diffuser. It is to be used with external flashlights. There are diffusers for inbuilt camera flashlight also.

40. Action Camera

GoPro Action Camera

A small pocket size action camera comes at different prices. GoPro and Yi are popular action camera brands. You can mount it in many places where a regular camera can’t go.

41. Old Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera

Most of the photographers love to receive old vintage cameras as a gift. They may not be in working condition. But, it is a good piece of camera antique to own.

42. Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid camera gives the option to get an instant print of the capture. It is useful for capturing travel memories. It cost less when compared to DSLR cameras.

43. White Balance Card

White Balance Cards

White Balance card is a useful accessory in the field. It helps to fix the white camera balance. It is an 18% gray card and comes in different sizes.

44. Bokeh Kits

Bokeh Kit

Bokeh kits are a pack of cards that can be attached to the front of your camera. Different cards have different shapes cut in the centre. So, the Bokeh shape corresponds to the shape of the cutout. You can quickly get a set online.

45. Ring Light for Smartphone

Ring Light for Smartphone

The ring light is a useful accessory for Smartphone photography. You can attach it to the back of the phone and use it to illuminate your subjects. It is useful when the light is low.

46. Power Bank

Power Bank

Most of the photographers carry at least one Power Bank when they are traveling for photography. You can use it to charge phones, torch and camera batteries.

47. Smartphone Gimbal

Best Gifts for Photographers-Smartphone Gimbal

Smartphone Gimbal helps to capture shake-free videos on the phone. It is a compact handheld stick that needs to be charged.

48. Camera Rain cover

Camera Rain Cover

A camera rain cover is another good gift for a photographer. It protects the camera and lens from the rain. You can either go for a transparent one or an opaque colored one. If the person is doing wildlife photography or bird photography, then you can go for a camo color.

49. Lens Coat

Camera Lens Coat

Lens coat is useful for nature and wildlife photographers to blend their camera color with nature. They are available in different camo shades as well as in other colors. It also protects the lens from minor scratches.

50. Tripod Head

Tripod Head

Tripod head is another useful gear for a photographer. There are different types of heads like ball head, pan and tilt, gimbal, and many more. You can choose anyone.

51. Tripod


You can also gift a tripod. It comes with and without head option. They are made of aluminium or carbon fibre.

52. Camera Battery Grip

Camera Battery Grip

A camera battery grip is a useful gift, especially for long exposure and wildlife photographers. Battery Grips are designed for specific camera models. So, you must know the camera model before buying it.


So, these are some of the best gifts for photographers. I am sharing these because I would love to receive these gifts as a photographer. Only a photographer can tell what he wants.