Have you ever considered displaying your pictures creatively rather than using standard framed photo prints? You can really transform your pictures into a beautiful home and office decor. I will show you 15 creative ways to display photos in this article. You can use these methods if you want to decorate your house or office with beautiful photos.

I keep on trying different techniques to decorate my walls and rooms using my images. Most of the changes I make are according to the theme of the room. It is really fun to try out these creative ways to display photos without frames.

1. Photo Blocks 🏞

A photo block is a piece of wood or metal on which you can slide in the photo. Here, your image will appear in the slanting position. It will seem like a frameless photo on a desk. A photo block will have a groove in between to slide the image.

If you are ordering a photo block, you need to ensure that the size matches your print.

You can also make a DIY photo block with pieces of wood. Thus, making it one of the best DIY photo display ideas.

2. Simple Taping on the Wall 😎 

Using tapes to stick photos to wall

One of the easiest ways to display your pictures on the wall is just to tape them. You can place the image on the wall and apply a piece of tape to stick it on the wall.

It is a cost-effective solution. You can use whatever tape you have with you.

3. Stick with Washi Tapes🎗 

photo display on wall with washi tape

Using washi tapes to stick photos on the wall is the new trend. These washi tapes are available in different designs. It is a kind of decorative masking tape.

You can make the washi tape look like a frame around the picture.

4. Hang using Small Cloth Clips 

photo display on string with clips

Take a thick thread and use small cloth clips made of wood to attach your pictures to the thread. However, it will be good if you can use a thread made of wool or other strong material.

After attaching the pictures, you can tie either end of the thread on the wall so that the pictures get displayed in a horizontal fashion.

It will be really nice if you can make this arrangement under some light source like a bulb or lamp. So, your photos will still be visible when you switch on the lamp at night. It is one of the best hanging photo display ideas.

5. Hang Photos on String lights 

Photo display with string of lights

You can get string lights easily from sites like Amazon. You can either go for an RGB string light or the one with warm color LEDs.

Use small cloth or paper binder clips to hang your photos from the string lights. It is an excellent way to décor your room at night.

6. Use Photo Easel 🌉 

Photo Easels for Photo Display

Photo easels are available online that you can keep on your desk. You can keep your pictures in both portrait and landscape orientations using a photo easel.

The advantage of using a photo easel is that you can easily change photos. In the case of a standard photo frame, it takes some time to replace the image in it. So, people rarely change the pictures.

7. Make a Custom Shape On Wall and Stick Photos Inside it

ways to display photos on wall

You can also consider creating a custom shape on the wall like a circle, square, rectangle, leaf, etc. using masking tape. Then, stick your photos inside this shape.

After sticking all the images, you can remove the masking tape. The series of pictures in that particular shape will make the wall look more adorable. It is one of the best ideas for displaying pictures on wall.

8. Use Picture Ledge 🌄 🌉 🏞

photo ledge to display pictures

Using a Picture ledge is another excellent way to display photos. You can quickly get such photo ledges from online sites like Amazon.

You can get two or 3 picture ledges and place them on your wall to keep your pictures.

9. Create a Photo Board 📌 

Photo pin board

You can even consider creating a photo board. It is like a pin-up board where you can pin your images.

If you have a photo printer at home, you can take prints of your favourite photos as and when required. Then, you can pin these pictures on the photo board and remove the old ones.

You can also place a metal sheet on the back of the board while making it. It will allow you to use magnets to hold the photos on the board instead of pins.

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10. Arrange Pictures on Table Top & Place Glass on Top

Another way to showcase your images is by placing your pictures on top of a table in whatever pattern you like. You can place a glass top on the table, so the photos stay there.

You can use it at your home as well as office. One advantage of this method is that whenever you want to change the pictures, you can remove the glass top and replace the photos with new ones. In addition, it is not going to cause any damage to the table since it is not stuck to the table.

You need to get a transparent glass top that is slightly larger or the same as the tabletop size.

11. The Photo Cube 🧊

photo cube

Another creative ways to display photos without frames at home is to convert your photos into a photo cube. You need to get your photos printed in square format to get the perfect cube.

You can use cardboard to make a cube. The size of the face of the cube must be the same as that of your photo print size. Only then you can stick the 6 images onto the cube perfectly.

These cubes will be a lovely addition to your desk.

12. Create a Grid of Images 

You can create a photo grid on the wall. You can use square or rectangular photos to make the grid. Make sure all the photos in the grid are of the same size. It will make the photo grid look more appealing.

You can make a grid of 9 (3×3), 12 (4×3), 16 (4×4), 25 (5×5), etc. Try to choose pictures with colors that complement the wall color. It will make the whole wall more beautiful.

13. Wind Chime Arrangement 

Photo Wind Chime

You can also hang your photo prints using strings and make a wind chime arrangement. You can use metal chains or strings to hang the pictures in the wind chime.

The photo wind chime can be made attractive by adding beads or other decorative items to the string. You can also consider cutting the photos into circles, hearts, or other shapes to make them look more attractive.

It is a good idea to stick another image on the back side of one photo. Thus, you can see the other picture when the photo swirls around. It is one of the best picture hanging ideas.

14. Use Clip Light Strings 💡

Photo Clip Light-Ideas for displaying photos

You can also get clip light strings that are designed explicitly for hanging photos. These clips are available in various shapes. It includes standard clips, flowers, butterflies, etc.

It will provide an excellent night décor for your house.

15. Photo Hanger

Photo Hanger

Using a Photo hanger is another excellent way to display your pictures. You can get different types of photo hangers.

The simplest of them will allow you to hang only one large image. Others will let you hang multiple small pictures on individual strings attached to the main hanger. Some do even come with light strings.

16. Create Custom Epoxy Blocks

You can use clear epoxy resin on the photo prints to create transparent epoxy blocks. You can use such blocks for various purposes. It includes paper weight and photo décor.

You can add dried flowers or other props along with the photo when you pour the epoxy for hardening. It will make the block look even more beautiful.

17. Photo Clock 🕚

Photo Clock Display on wall

You can get a big clock machine with needles (Hour, Minute, and Second). Place it on the wall.

Instead of 12 numbers on the clock, you can place individual photos at their respective position. It will look good if you use square prints instead of rectangle ones.

18. Stone & Wire Display Stand 🤔

You can create a custom photo stand using a stone and a thick wire. First, tie one side of the wire around the stone.

The other side of the wire needs to be rolled circularly so it can hold a photo print. When you place the stone on the table, the wire must be perpendicular to the table.

You can create multiple stone and wire photo display stand to hold multiple images. Don’t create all the stands at the same heights. Otherwise, it will not look pleasing. You can keep this set up at your desk or in the living room.

19. Wired Mesh Photo Stand

Wire mesh for photo display

Use a big rectangular or square frame and create a wired mesh pattern. Make sure that you can place clips on this wire mesh along with pictures.

You can either keep this set up in a slanting position against the wall. The other option is to create a base for this frame so that you can place it anywhere in the upright position.

Final Thoughts

So, don’t hide your photo prints. Instead, start using these photo display ideas to display your photos. You can be with your lovely memories when you display photo prints at your home or office.

If you have a picture that is very close to your heart and wants to give it a custom frame and hang it on the wall, you can always use something like The Picture Factory experts to get a unique frame. It is up to you to decide where and how you want to display your images.