Two weeks before Nikon has announced their Z series, full frame mirrorless cameras. So, I was thinking when will Canon come up with their series of Full frame mirrorless cameras.

Finally, they have announced the EOS R series on Sep 5. Their reply to Nikon Z series and the Sony  A7R series.

Canon EOS R Tech Specs

Let us see, what Canon has to offer in their EOS R series.


They are offering Canon EOS R camera body at around $2,299 (1,60,000 Rs) approximately. If you are going for the kit lens option, it would cost you $3,399 (2,35,000 Rs). They offer 24-105mm F4 IS kit lens in their  EOS R mont series


It comes with a 30.3 Megapixel full frame CMOS sensor.

User Interface

Canon EOS R Full frame Mirrorless Camera body

They have come with 3.2“ articulated touch display on the Canon EOS R model. This is a very good news for all the bloggers out there.

They have provided a touch bar, next to the Electronic Viewfinder. This is to make things more user-friendly. You can access and set the basic camera parameters like ISO and focus points.

Image Quality

They have announced an ISO range of 100-40000. We need to wait and see how the Image quality is at high ISOs.


Canon has really surprised me with the number of focus points they are enabling in this model. It comes with 5,655 autofocus points. I really don’t know, why these many focus points are required. It may be the spec factor, to compare with 493 AF points in Nikon z7 & Z6 and Sony’s 693.

Touch and Drag focusing is available in EOS R and they have enabled focus peaking also.


Canon EOS R Full frame Mirrorless Camera body

They have enabled Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for transferring photos. It is pretty sad that their high-end full frame DSLR camera, Canon 1DX mark ii doesn’t have this option.

Lens Options

RF 24-105mm f4 IS lens is the basic kit lens they are offering. They have also announced 3 more lenses for the EOS R series. They are RF 28-70mm F2L, RF 50mm F1.2L and RF F1.8 IS Macro lens.

So their new lens line up is mainly targeted for Portrait photographers and product photographers.

The new EOS R full frame mirrorless camera body will be compatible with Canon’s EF and EF_S lens by using adapters. You need to purchase EF-EOS R mount adapters if you are planning to use this full frame mirrorless body with your existing Canon lenses.


Looks like Canon is providing only one memory card option, just like Nikon. The only advantage over Nikon is that you can make use of SD/ SDHC or SDXC memory cards in this slot. Nikon only supports XQD.

Video Capability

EOS R supports 4K video recording at 30 fps. You can shoot Full HD 1080p videos at 60 fps. There are advanced video recording modes which are capable to output via HDMI interface.


Their battery supports USB charging. You can take 560 shots with a single charge.

Weight and Dimension

It weighs around 580g and the dimension is 135.8×98.3×84.4mm.

They have enabled Silent shooting mode in Single shot mode. 8 fps is the Burst rate supported in this EOS R model. Let us wait and see how it performs with Nikon Z7 Vs Sony a7R III battle.