Do you have lots of pictures lying idle on your hard disk? Or, Are you looking to create something unique with your photos? If yes, you will find this article very useful. I will share 10 creative ideas to repurpose photos. There is no point in leaving the pictures on your hard drive. Instead, use it to create something unique.

Let us get started.

1. Create Custom Photo Bookmarks 😎

Ideas to repurpose photos--photo bookmarks

You can create bookmarks using your pictures. The standard bookmarks usually come in the following sizes – 2×8 inches, 2×7 inches, and 2×8 inches. However, you can go for any of these sizes.

Getting the prints in these sizes will be tough since they are not standard photo sizes. You can go for a square photo print. So, you need to design it in such a way that multiple bookmark designs are aligned together in the same design. After receiving the print, you can use a knife or scissors to cut it into bookmark size.

For example, if you want to create a 2×8 inches bookmark, go for 8×8 inches photo print. It will have four numbers of 2×8 inches bookmarks.

You can use Adobe Photoshop or other photo processing tools to create bookmark designs.

2. Convert Photos Into Coasters 🏞

Photo Coaster

You can also convert your pictures into Coffee/ Tea Coasters. You can go for a circular or square coaster. The typical coaster size is 4 inches.

You can easily get silicon molds for coasters. You need to crop your picture in the coaster size and get it printed. Get a Clear Epoxy resin(Glossy or Matte Finish). Pour a thin layer of epoxy on the coaster mold first. Place your photo print on it. Next, pour the rest of the mold with epoxy resin. Give some time to dry. Once dried, you can take out the coaster from the mold.

3. Create Photo Candles 🕯

photo candle

You would have seen candles that come inside a glass or plastic enclosure. You can make these candles more interesting using your pictures. There are two ways to create a photo candle.

In the first method, you can print the picture on sticker paper. Then, stick the picture around the candle enclosure.

In the second method, use a inject printer to print the picture. Stick the transparent tape on top of it. Cut out the image, including the tape. Submerge it inside a bowl filled with water for 15 minutes. Take it out and remove the paper at the back. Now, you can see the photo sticking onto the tape. Apply the tape around the candle enclosure.

4. Photo Necklace 😃

Repurpose Photo-Photo Locket

There are two ways to create a photo necklace. Some chains come with a locket where you can place a small picture inside it. Next, you need to cut your photo print to the locket size and insert it.

Another way that you can do it is to create a locket using a photo print, epoxy resin, and locket mold.

5. Make Photo Vases 🏺 

photo flower vase

You can also create photo vases using bottles lying around. Stick photo prints around the bottle in a collage fashion. Allow it to dry. You can apply a coat of lamination using epoxy or other fluids. It will ensure that the photo vase is not damaged due to moisture or handling.

6. Convert Photos Into Fridge Magnets 🧲

repurpose photos photo fridge magnets

You can also repurpose your pictures into fridge magnets. You need to get a magnetic sheet of paper first. Try to get one that comes with an adhesive layer on one side. It will allow you to stick the pictures easily. Once stuck to the magnetic sheet, you can cut and take out the photo magnet.

7. Transform into Paperweights 💡

You can also create paperweights using your images. First, you need to get a paperweight mold. You can easily get it online. They are available in different shapes and sizes.

You can place the photo print inside the mold and pour resin to fill the mold. You can even consider adding some props to make the paperweight look more attractive.

8. Wood Prints 🪵 

Now, it is also possible to transfer your pictures to wood. You can do it for black & white as well as color photos. The process of printing pictures on wood is known as dye sublimation wood printing.

You will not get the same level of quality and color reproduction as a typical photo print. But it is an excellent way to repurpose your pictures.

 9. Convert it into a Diamond Art 💎 

photo diamond art

Most people print photos and hang them on the wall. So, why don’t you try something different? Instead of hanging the framed picture, you can create something unique with the photo. You can consider converting the photo into a personalized diamond art.

If you are doing it for the first time, you may not know all images are good for diamond art. Consider reading this article to know how to select photos for diamond painting.

10. Photo Bottle Lamp 🤩 

A photo bottle lamp is another creative idea to repurpose photos. You can take any old bottles. Make sure that there is no sticker on the bottle. Also, ensure that it is a transparent one. The photo bottle lamp will come good if the bottle comes with frosted glass. The frosted glass will help to diffuse the light in a better way.

You can take small photo prints of your pictures in square or rectangular shapes. Stick the images around the bottle in any pattern of your choice. Makes sure to leave some gap between the pictures. You can insert a string of lights (can be RGB light) into the bottle. Once you switch on the lights, you can see your images that are beautifully backlit on the bottle lamp.

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