Are you looking to pick between a DSLR and a Point and Shoot camera in 2024? If yes, you need to know the differences between the two. Only then you can decide which of these cameras is right for you. In this guide, I will share all the differences between DSLR Vs point and shoot camera.


Even though mirrorless cameras are becoming more popular than their DLSR counterparts. Still, there is good demand for DSLR cameras.


1. Camera Sensor Size

camera sensor

The sensor size is small for a point-and-shoot camera when compared to a DSLR camera.

Camera Sensor Size

There are two types of DSLR cameras. One is the full-frame and the other one is the crop camera. The sensor size of the full-frame camera will be bigger than the crop camera.


Consider reading this article to know the differences between a Full-frame and a Crop camera.


2. Difference in Construction

DSLR Vs Point and Shoot Camera-Difference

There is a considerable difference in the construction of these two types of cameras


A point and shoot camera comes with an integrated lens. So, you cannot separate the camera body from the lens. 


The DSLR camera comes with an interchangeable lens option. Here, you can separate the lens from the camera.


3. Lens Option


When it comes to a point and shoot camera, the lens is integrated with the camera body. So, there is no option to use any other lens with this camera.


You can use different types of lenses with a DSLR camera. You have more options in the case of a DSLR camera. Also, there are lots of lenses available for DSLR cameras.


4. For Specific Type of Photography

Bird portrait with DSLR

You might be interested in a specific type of photography. It can be people, streets, wildlife, birds, landscape, etc. 


You can get camera lenses that are specifically designed for each of these photography types if you go for a DSLR camera.


In the case of point and shoot camera, it is good for photographing people and landscapes.


5. Low-Light Performance


If you are a person who loves to take pictures more in low light conditions like late evening or early morning, you must look for the low light performance of the camera.


The low light performance of a camera is good when it can capture pictures with less noise at high ISOs in low light conditions. 


The higher camera sensor size of the DSLR camera when compared to point and shoot cameras makes it a better low-light performance camera.


6. Weight & Size

Size and Weight Comparison

When it comes to camera weight and size, point and shoot camera is a clear winner over the DSLR camera.


DSLR camera is bulky and weighs more. The compact nature of the point and shoot camera makes it easy to carry.


7. Megapixels Factor


There are people who look for cameras with higher megapixels. Actually, higher megapixel cameras are good when you go for large-size prints.


Some standard megapixel options in point-and-shoot cameras are 16, 24, and 48 megapixels. 


You can get similar megapixels in DSLRs too. But there are DSLR cameras that offer 64 MP resolution and more.


When the megapixels are more, the image file size will also be larger. Thus, you will have to spend more on the storage space also. Keep that in mind.


8. Image Quality


The image quality of a DSLR camera is far superior than a point and shoot camera. It is mainly attributed to the better optics.


If image quality is one of your major selection criteria, you can definitely go with the DSLR.


9. Build Quality


Most point and shoot cameras are made of plastic. Thus, the build quality will not be that great for such cameras.


But in the case of DSLRs, most cameras are made of metal. So, the build quality will be better. If you look at the entry-level DSLRs, they are made of high-grade plastics.


Also, certain DSLR camera bodies and lenses are weather-sealed. This weather sealing gives enhanced protection to the camera from dirt, dust, and water.


10. Background Blur

Nice Background Blur with DSLR

There are many who love to have beautiful background blur in their images, especially for portrait shots.


The point and shoot camera offers more depth and hence details in the background will be clear. Thus, they don’t offer a good background blur.

11. RAW Factor


If you have interest in editing your pictures and getting more detail out of the images, you need to record pictures in RAW format.


DSLR allows you to record images in RAW format along with JPEG. 


The point and shoot does not support RAW file format. It only supports JPEG.

12. Photo Printing

photo prints

If you are a person who love to print pictures, then you must consider this aspect too. If you print small in size like 4×6 or 5×7, you can get pretty decent prints from a point and shoot camera. 


But when you print in large sizes, pictures from a DSLR camera looks much better. You can get beautiful prints with nice tonal details and color from DSLR.


Go for DSLR if you print pictures regularly. 


13. DSLR Vs Point and Shoot Camera Cost  💵 


The price of the camera is an important factor to consider. 


When you compare the cost of an entry-level DSLR with a point and shoot camera, DSLR is slightly more expensive. 


When it comes to DSLR, you need to consider the cost of the camera body and the lens. It is an interchangeable lens camera. Thus, the total cost will depend on the type of lenses you plan to buy with the camera body.


14. End Use


If you are looking for a camera to capture your family and vacation travel images, point and shoot will be enough for you.


But if you are a person interested in photography and want to learn photography, you can go for a DSLR camera.


15. Service & Repair Cost 💵


When you decide to invest in any camera, you need to consider the service and repair costs. 


The parts of a DSLR camera will be more expensive than that of a point and shoot camera. Thus, the repair costs will be higher for the DSLR camera.


Final Thoughts 😎


Even though DSLR has more promising factors than the point and shoot camera, the compactness and ease of use of the point and shoot camera makes it a preferred choice for people who wants a camera for their vacation pictures. 


If you are really interested in photography, you can definitely consider going for the DSLR camera. It can help you capture better images and also will help to improve your photography skills.


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