If you are going to do a model photoshoot or a couple photoshoot, then it is essential to plan and prepare properly as it will ensure the success of the photoshoot. Now, the question would be, what should you plan and prepare.

I will share all the details in this article so you can use it as your photoshoot checklist. 

1. Theme selection 😇

how to plan a photoshoot

Regardless of the type of photography that you are going to do, you must select a theme. It is the theme of the shoot that is going to decide what kind of pictures you need to capture. So, the planning of the photoshoot must start with the theme selection. 

2. Costume & Prop selection 👗

baby photoshoot with props

Once you select the theme for the shoot, you need to select the appropriate costume and the props. If you find it difficult to select the costume, you can search for the same on Google and Pinterest. You can find plenty of images that match your theme. But don’t copy it as such. Use these images to generate ideas for your costumes and props. 

 You can also discuss the theme with your makeup artist. They can also help you select the right costume.

3. Selecting the Right Location 🏔

couple photoshoot

Location is as important as the subject. The location must compliment your theme. So, choose accordingly. The location can be outdoor or indoor. If you are planning to do an outdoor shoot, you can search for nearby places on google that are good for the photoshoot.

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 4. Check the Weather in the Location ☁️ 

You need to take the weather of location into account. So, check good weather forecasting sites to know the weather conditions in that area at your proposed time of the shoot. Make sure that it is not raining at that time unless you want to include raindrops in your shoot.

5. Carry the Right Camera Gear & Accessories 📷  

camera gear

Don’t take all your camera gear and accessories for the shoot, but take only what is necessary. If you take everything, then you will get confused and the shoot will become chaotic. You can take your main camera, backup camera, and a couple of lenses that you will be using for the shoot. 

6. Selecting the Light source 🌞

If you are going to do an outdoor shoot, then you can depend either on the natural sunlight or on artificial light. In the case of indoor shoots, you can use flash or continuous lights for lighting your subject. So, make sure to select the right kind of lighting gear for your shoot.

If you are planning to carry many heavy lights, light modifiers, and light stands with you, then it is a good idea to take an assistant with you. They can help you assemble and position the lighting gear.

7. Carry Additional Batteries 🔋

additional Camera Battery

If you are capturing videos or if the photoshoot is a long-duration one, then there is a chance that the camera batteries can drain out quickly. It can happen if you are doing an aerial photoshoot using drones. 

So, always carry a couple of extra batteries with you when you are going for a photoshoot. Ensure that all the camera batteries are fully charged.

8. Get a Makeup Artist if required 👧🏼

make up artist with model

If you are doing a model photoshoot, then you must hire a good makeup artist. It is essential to make up the model according to your theme and the costume. So, the service of a makeup artist is essential. Book them in advance for your shoot. 

9. Choose the Right Models (Male/ Female)💃🏻🕺🏻

model photoshoot

If you are doing a fashion photoshoot, then you must ensure to select the right model. The attributes of the model, like height and weight, must blend with your selected theme. You must also ensure that the selected model is comfortable to pose in front of your camera.

10. Write down Everything 📝

There is a chance that you may miss out on some of the planned steps during the shoot. So, it is a good idea to write your photoshoot plan in a small notebook. It is good to carry a notebook small enough to fit in a pocket. Carrying a smartphone can be a nuisance if you start getting calls/ messages during the photoshoot.

Conclusion 😎

 Planning and proper preparation are essential for a successful photoshoot as they will help you gain good confidence before going for the shoot. It will also help save your valuable time during the shoot. So, make use of these useful tips for your next photoshoot.