When it comes to architecture photography, there are many things you can photograph. The patterns and designs on the architectural structures and buildings are one of the main elements. In this guide, I will share some tips that will help you capture beautiful architectural patterns and designs.

1. Use a Telephoto lens

photographing architectural design

Most architecture photographers use a wide-angle lens for photography. I recommend carrying a telephoto lens along with your wide angle lens.

When you photograph patterns and designs, the telephoto focal length can get you close and thereby capture a different kind of pattern from the scene.

2. Look for Repetitive Patterns

photographing architectural pattern

Most of the patterns in buildings will have a repetitive nature. Try to find such repetitive patterns.

You can create interesting compositions with such patterns. These repetitive patterns can be seen in windows, stairs, ceilings, walls, etc.

3. Try to Photograph at Different Vantage Points

architectural pattern

In most cases, you will capture architectural patterns and designs at eye level. If you always use this same vantage point, you will not be able to create some unique images.

So, I strongly recommend trying to photograph from different vantage points. Next time, you can try shooting from a birds eye view or a worms eye viewpoint. You can see the difference in patterns in the building when you change the camera perspective.

4. Observe the Building for Some time Before Photographing

When you are at the location, do not start shooting instantly. Observe and spend some time at the architectural structure.

It will help you identify the best patterns and designs that you can capture. Once you start doing this process, it will help to develop your “Photographer’s Eye” too.

5. Patterns Created by Metal Structures

patterns by metal structures

Some architectural structures are made of metal. If you look at these structures closely, you will definitely find some patterns and designs in them.

Try to look at these structures through your lens and vary the focal length. You can capture some interesting frames from these metal structures.

6. Macro lens for Macro level details

Some buildings will have lots of texture work on the wall. If you want to capture all the details in these textures perfectly, you need to photograph the wall using a macro lens.

When you use a macro lens, it is always good to use a tripod. It will ensure a blur-free image.

7. Look for Radial Patterns

Radial Balance in Architecture

You can find radial patterns in buildings and other structures. When it comes to buildings, stairs, and ceilings are the two main places where there is a chance to find a radial pattern.

You can compose and capture such patterns using the radial balance technique. It will help you create wonderful frames from these patterns.

8. Look at the Ceiling of Buildings

architectural design and pattern

Many photographers will only look at the side walls after entering a building. I strongly recommend looking at the ceiling of buildings too.

You can find many interesting and unique patterns in the ceilings of many buildings.

9. Use a Wide angle lens for Large Patterns

Sometimes there will be large patterns in buildings. This pattern may be formed due to different structures in the building or wall.

If you want to capture this full pattern, you need to use a good wide angle lens.

10. Patterns from Stairs

Pattern in Stair case

When you enter big buildings, you can see staircases. If you closely observe these staircases, you can find interesting patterns.

You must observe the staircase from the bottom as well as from the top. The pattern created by the top view will be completely different from the bottom view.

If you look from the top, you can see a spiral pattern for most staircases. Here, you can use the golden spiral composition technique to frame and compose the image.

11. Play with Depth of Field

You can try to get creative with your shots by playing with the depth of field.

Most of the time, when you shoot architecture patterns and designs, you will be using a higher f-number. It is to get all the elements in the scene in focus.

Try shooting with a lower f-number to get a shallow depth of field. Here, some elements in the scene will be out of focus due to the narrow focal plane.

It can create interesting compositions with beautiful patterns. So, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Final Thoughts

Now you have learned some tips to capture beautiful patterns and designs in architectural structures. Next time, when you go out for photographing architecture, use these tips to create some stunning images. You can even consider printing these architectural patterns as the perfect piece of textured wall art and hang it on your wall.