If you are an amateur photographer looking to learn photography, an entry-level DSLR camera would be sufficient. But, if you are taking up photography as a profession, then you need to have the best camera gears that come in your budget.

Nowadays, clients who come to book you will also check for your camera gear. So, the right gears will increase your chances of getting the work.

What Camera Do You Need as a Pro?

Canon EOS 1DX Mark II for Pro Photography

As you know, there are different types of photography . So, the requirement varies for each type of photography. For example, a professional wildlife photographer demands a camera with a higher frame rate in Burst mode for capturing actions. But, for a portrait or Landscape photographer, the frame rate will not be much of a concern.

Whatever the photography type, you will have to invest in a full-frame or medium format camera for high-quality images. An APS-C camera body will not be suitable for a professional photographer.

When it comes to camera type, you can either go for a Mirrorless camera or a DSLR camera. If you are a pro fashion/portrait/studio photographer, then a Medium format camera is the best option. Hasselblad is the best option for medium format cameras.

Now comes the Camera brand. Sony, Nikon, Canon, and Pentax are popular brands when it comes to DSLR and Mirrorless. Sony is the current leader when it comes to Mirrorless cameras.

We see an increase in demand for Mirrorless cameras. So, it looks like the future is going to be mirrorless. So, if you are planning to invest, then mirrorless will be a good option.

Lenses for Professionals

Canon 70-200 f/2.8 lens for Pro Photography

As a professional photographer, you must have multiple lenses in your camera kit. If you are a wedding photographer, then you must have good glasses in the portrait focal length range, wide-angle lenses, and short telephoto lenses.

For portraits, a good prime lens, like the 85mm lens, with a wide opening of f/1.8 will be a good choice. Don’t depend on the primary kit lens for professional photography purposes. The prime lens offers the best image quality. If you are into Wildlife or Sports photography, then go for a good prime lens like a 400mm, 500mm, or 600mm.

Camera Accessories for a Professional photographer

A good camera and a lens alone will not be sufficient to get the work done. You will need the right camera accessories also. I will share some of the useful camera accessories that every professional photographer should own.

1. Tripod

Tripod with Head

Tripod with a head

All types of photographers will need a tripod at some point in time. So, invest in one. Make sure that you select the right tripod and tripod head. When it comes to tripod legs, you can either go for an Aluminium build or a Carbon fibre. The choice of tripod head varies with the photographer. But, don’t go for a cheap quality one.

Manfrotto, Gitzo, and Benro are some of the popular tripod brands. If you are into wildlife, then you can also look for tripod alternatives, like a Monopod or a Bean bag.

2. Filters

Screw In Type ND Filter

There are many types of filters. But, you will not need all these filters in your camera bag. If you are a professional Landscape photographer, then ND filter, Grad ND filters, and a CPL filter are the best to own. If you are into shooting videos, then the ND filter is a must.

Hoya, Nisi, Lee are some of the popular filter brands. The filter should match the thread size of your lens if you are going for a thread-in type filter. If you are buying a Rectangular or Square filter, then you should use the appropriate filter holder.

3. External Lights & Diffusers

As a professional photographer, you will have to invest in additional lights. It can either be an external flash or continuous lighting. The choice depends on the type of photography you are doing.

A single light source will not be sufficient. You need to go for multiple ones. So, you need to invest in a remote flash trigger also. External lights produce harsh light. Photography demands for soft light. Thus, the need to get good diffusers also.


As a pro photographer, you should own the best camera gears. It is easy to check and compare the camera gear price online. If you are from Australia, then you can get pro photography gear from this site. They have a good collection of professional-level camera gears.

I recommend to do proper research and comparison on various camera gear features before making the purchase. It will help you to make the right choice.