The term therapeutic photography may not be a familiar one amongst most of the photographers. So, if you are still wondering what this type of photography is all about, then I strongly recommend going through this article.

What if I tell you that photography has the power to heal one’s mind, will you agree or disagree?

What is Therapeutic Photography?

Therapeutic photography is the technique of using photography to heal the mind of an individual, to bring positive energy. Thus, it helps to cheer up a person.

This type of photography does not involve any formal therapy treatment.

It is a self-initiated activity that involves photography.

Therapeutic photography not only involves standing behind the camera and clicking pictures. But, it includes many other activities like photo discussions, photo review, planning, photo viewing, posing, etc.

All these activities are necessary to bring up positive energy in you.

How to do Therapeutic Photography?

Therapeutic photography does not focus on any particular style of photography. It allows the person to take up any photography genre based on his liking. So, you are free to choose any type of photography.

It is not necessary that you need to learn all the camera parameters and settings to do therapeutic photography. You can always use any of the cameras in their automatic mode to capture pictures.

If you develop good interest in photography, then consider learning more about the camera and photography basics. It will help you to click more beautiful shots.

Some of the recommended options include photographing nature, landscape, birds, wildlife, family, street life, etc. The choice is all yours.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy high-end camera gears and stuff. You can even go for a basic DSLR or a Mirrorless camera which will not leave a hole in your pocket.

Nowadays, you get smartphones with multiple camera options, that can capture images in very good resolution. So, if you feel that carrying an additional camera is a burden, then use your smartphone to capture beautiful pictures.

Photography also helps to get focused in life. 

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When you are planning to do therapeutic photography, then you should photograph subjects which you like the most. It can be nature, family, landscapes, etc.

Capturing the images in the camera is not enough. You must download all these pictures to your computer, view and enjoy these images.

It will help you to recreate those instances in your mind. Thus, it will help you to travel back to those beautiful moments.

You must always ensure that you enjoy what you photograph. It is applicable to all types of photography.

How Therapeutic Photography helps to Refresh Your Mind?

man with a camera

When you are into therapeutic photography, you are not working with any tight deadlines or schedules.

Your only focus is to capture beautiful images of whatever type of photography you have taken up. So, your mind will be fully concentrated on the different camera settings and image composition techniques to capture the scene. It will help your mind to stay focused

If you are a newbie in photography, then you can get the pictures reviewed by other fellow photographers and experts. These fruitful discussions will not only help to improve your photography but also improves your social networking. You will be able to make new friends.

When you plan to travel distant places for landscape or wildlife photography, then you will also be involved in a lot of planning activities. This activity will help you to improve your planning and organizing skills.

It will also give some amount of work to your mind and body without getting overstressed. It will help to improve your physical health as well.

Therapeutic Photography Vs PhotoTherapy

nature photography

Now, you know everything about therapeutic photography. So, what is phototherapy?

Phototherapy is completely different from Therapeutic photography.

Phototherapy is used by a therapist to cure people with emotional issues. Here, the emphasis is on therapy and photo is just a tool.

Both of these terms mean two different things. So, don’t get confused with these two terms.


woman doing nature photography

So, if you are feeling depressed or sad because of some events in your personal or work life, then the therapeutic photography technique can be used to bring back the positive energy in you.

You can also find many therapeutic photography classes conducted online. So, you can join any of these workshops if interested.

If you don’t feel like taking up therapeutic photography, which needs a self-initiation, then you need to look for other options like counseling. Nowadays, it is quite easy to get counseling online through sites like BetterHelp online counseling.

Now, you know the power of photography, how it will help you to relax and bring positive energy. So, if you are looking to take up a new hobby, then you can definitely consider photography as one of the options.