It is a real pain to remove noise and artifacts in your image. It is followed by the image sharpening process, especially when for a batch of images. Topaz AI Clear from Topaz Labs claims to remove image noise, artifacts and sharpens the image with a single click. Did I say, with a single click? Yes, Topaz Labs claim so. Let us find out whether it does the job or not.

If this turn out good then you can cut down some of your post-processing time. You don’t have to do the Image noise reduction and sharpening separately anymore. Topaz Labs have created an artificial Neural network model using millions of image samples, with varying noise levels. Thus, they have trained the software to analyze the picture noise and sharpness and act accordingly.

It costs around $59. So, let us see whether it is worth for the money.

I will apply the Topaz AI Clear to some of my nature and wildlife images to see the effect.

UPDATE: Topaz Labs has removed Topaz AI Clear from their products section ant it got replaced by the new Topaz DeNoise AI.

Topaz AI Clear Tutorial 

I will use a TIFF image generated from a RAW file on Adobe Lightroom, after applying the necessary photo edits, without sharpening or noise removal for this Topaz AI Clear tutorial. You can even import your camera RAW image directly into Topaz Studio.

This image of the Lizard is photographed from Philippines during one of my photography expeditions. It was shot using Canon 1DX Mark II with Canon 500mm f4 L IS II Lens and a 1.4x canon teleconverter in Aperture Priority mode. The EXIF Data of this image is: Aperture – f/5.6, Shutter speed- 1/400th second, and 1600 ISO.

1. Open Topaz Studio in your computer.

Topaz Studio

2. Open the Image to apply the AI Clear effect by selecting the “Open Image or Project” option from the drop-down menu under the “File” section.

3. After importing the image, move the cursor to “Adjustments” menu to select the “AI Clear” option.

Topaz Ai Clear Selection

4. After Selecting the “AI Clear” option, it will start the free 30 day Topaz AI Clear free download, when you are selecting it for the first time. You will need the internet for downloading. Now, you can see the AI Clear with its settings in the tools panel.

Topaz AI Clear Settings

5. You will have four options under “Remove Noise” option – Auto, Low, Med, and High. Here, you can select any of these options accordingly. The Auto settings were good enough. Auto is selected by default.

6. For Sharpening, you have two options- “Low” and “High“. “Low” is selected by default. You can select “High” if you want to sharpen more.

Topaz AI Clear Sharpness Low

Low Sharpening Applied to Image by Default on Topaz AI Clear


Topaz Ai Clear Sharpness High

High Sharpening Applied to Image on Topaz AI Clear

7. There are three more sliders after this. Recover Details, Exposure, and Clarity. You can fine-tune these settings.

8. Have a look at the photo Before and After applying AI Clear effect (given below).

Topaz AI Clear Before After



Topaz AI Clear Review with Few Examples 

I will share some more examples to make things more clear. 

Before After Topaz AI Clear

Early morning shot, captured at ISO4000


Before After Topaz AI Clear

Image captured at ISO1000


Before After Topaz AI Clear

Image captured at ISO4000


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So, it does a decent job of clearing the noise and sharpening the image with a single click. I recommend doing all other necessary post-processing on the photo on Lightroom or any other photo editing software, except for the sharpening and Noise removal part.

You can use AI Clear option in the Topaz Studio to save some time. In my opinion, it would be a real game changer if Topaz can make the AI Clear as a plugin for Lightroom or Photoshop. It will definitely hep to save lots of post-processing time.

It is always better to make the edits on a RAW file or the TIFF file. So, when you export the image from Lightroom, ensure that you are exporting it as TIFF, and not as the lossy JPEG.

I hope, many of you know about the Denoise tool from Topaz. So, if you take Topaz AI Clear Vs Denoise then AI Clear is a clear winner as it does two jobs with a single click instead of one.

You can always give a try with Topaz AI Clear. Topaz Labs offers a 30-day free trial version, which you can use it with the Topaz Studio. If you like the software, then you can go ahead with the purchase through my Affiliate link, Buy Topaz AI Clear.