Image composition is that element that turns an ordinary picture into an extraordinary one. You can compose a scene using any technique. In this article, you will learn how to capture images using the “Fill the Frame photography” technique?

What is Fill the Frame Photography Technique?

Tiger Portrait using fill the Frame Composition

Tiger Portrait using fill the Frame Composition


Fill the Frame is a photography composition technique where the subject of interest occupies a significant area in the Frame.

It is an easy to use composition technique, used by most of the photographers, especially when they want to remove distracting backgrounds. It brings the viewer’s eye to the subject details.

How to get Fill the Frame Images?

Now, let us see how to frame images with fill the frame photography composition. There are four ways to achieve this image composition.

1. Use Zoom lens

Zoom Lens

Use the zoom feature in your digital camera to ensure that your subject fills the frame. If you are using a DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera with zoom lens, then use the higher focal length lenses for fill the frame photography.

If you are using a smartphone, try to get close to the subject or use the digital zoom feature to increase the magnification. Some high-end smartphones come with dual-lens options for the back camera, so make use of the lens which offers more optical magnification.

2. Get Closer to the Subject

The easiest way to fill the Frame is to get close to the subject. If you are using a fixed focal length lens like a 35mm or 50mm, then you can reduce the distance between the subject and yourself so that the subject fills the scene in the camera.

If you are using a prime lens, then you can use this technique. Smartphone users can also use this technique to avoid digital zooming of the image. Digital magnification of the image reduces the image quality.

3. Use Lens Extender

Nikon 1.4x Teleconverter

If you are doing wildlife or bird photography, then you have some limitations in getting closer to the subject. So, even after using the highest possible focal length in the lens, you may not be able to fill the frame.

You can make use of a lens extender/teleconverter to increase the lens focal length in these situations. Use of Teleconverter will result in a slight drop in image quality. There will be a reduction in the maximum aperture opening also .

Sometimes, you will have to adjust your position even after attaching a teleconverter to the lens, especially when the lens is a prime one.

4. Crop the image

Image Cropping Before After Image

As a last resort, you can crop the image to fill the frame with the subject. So, it happens in the last stage of photography, post-processing. You can crop image in Lightroom or any other photo editing tools.

I have cropped the full body portrait of the Beautiful Sibia bird to use the Fill the Frame composition so that the feather details pop out.

There are two factors to get a cropped image with good details. Firstly, the subject should occupy a good area in the Frame. Secondly, you should capture the image in a good resolution. So, the number of megapixel resolution of the camera comes into the picture here. The higher the megapixels, the better will be the cropped image.

Benefits of Fill the Frame Photography composition

Now, let us have a look at the advantages of this image composition.

1. Eliminate Distractions

Sometimes, when you frame your subject, then you can see many distracting elements in your scene. Such elements are a source of distraction for the viewer.

We can avoid these distracting elements from the image by using this technique. The distracting element can be an object in the frame or background.

2. Capture More details

You can capture more details from the subject in-camera using this framing technique. Here, more number of pixels are used to capture the subject details, unless you crop the image. 

Good Examples of Fill the Frame Photography Compositions

Flower closeup

Fill in Frame: Fishing Cat Close Up


Cat Close up


When it comes to photography, there are no hard and fast rules. Photography is a good medium to show your creative skills.

So, you can decide the image composition. It can be fill the frame technique or rule of thirds or your own style of composition. Whatever be the composition technique, your image should attract the viewer.