How big is a 5×7 photo print? Many of you will be interested to know this photo size in inches, feet, pixels, mm, and cm.


One main reason why you are looking for this size is to see if your photo print in 5×7 size goes with your photo frame. In this guide, I will cover the dimension of the 5×7 photo in detail.


How Big is a 5×7 Photo?

How Big is a 5x7 Photo

A 5×7 photo will be 5 inches in width and 7 inches in height. 


The term 5×7 shows the size of the photo in inches.


It is one of the standard photo sizes for printing pictures. 


The smaller size of the 5×7 photo print also makes it a popular choice. You can carry these photo prints easily.


What is the Actual Size of a 5×7 Photo in mm, cm, and Feet? 

How Big is 5x7 photo in cm mm inch feet

The size of the 5×7 photo in mm is 127 x 177.8 mm.


The actual size of the 5×7 image in cm is 12.7 x 17.78 cm.


Dimension of a 5×7 image in feet is 0.42 x 0.58 feet.


You need to know the dimensions of the 5×7 picture in different units like mm, cm, feet, and inches. It helps you to get a better idea of your final photo print size.


How Big is a 5×7 Photo in Pixels (For Web & Printing)?

5x7 photo in pixels

The pixel size of a 5×7 photo is decided by the megapixels of the camera sensor. Also, the 5×7 size is not a standard size that you can get directly from the camera.


You need to crop the image from the camera to get a 5×7 image.


You will get more pixels in a 5×7 photo if you use a high-resolution camera. Some cameras do allow you to capture pictures are lower resolutions.


For a 5×7 image in web resolution, you need only 72 dpi resolution.


The minimum resolution for a 5×7 photo for a web or computer display will be 360 x 504 pixels. 


If you are looking to print a 5by7 image, you need to have more pixel resolution in the image.


For Medium quality photo print, you need to have at least 180 PPI resolution. After converting it into pixel size, 900 x 1260 pixels will be the image resolution.


For Better quality photo print, you need to have at least 240 PPI resolution. After converting it into pixel size, 1200 x 1680 pixels will be the image resolution.


For Medium quality photo print, you need to have at least 300 PPI resolution. After converting it into pixel size, 1500 x 2100 pixels will be the image resolution.


What is the Aspect Ratio of a 5×7 Image?


The aspect ratio of a 5×7 image is 5:7. 


You cannot get this image aspect ratio directly from a camera.


Is 5×7 a Standard Photo Size?


Yes, 5×7 is a standard photo print size. It is the next most popular photo print size after 4×6 when it comes to small prints.


You can easily get 5by7 photo paper for printing pictures in this size.


Read this guide to know the 4×6 photo size in mm, cm, ft, and inches


Is a 5×7 photo the same as a 7×5 photo?

5x7 vs 7x5

The width of the picture is 5 inches, and the height is 7 inches for the 5×7 image.


The width of the picture is 7 inches, and the height is 5 inches for the 7×5 photo.


The 5×7 image is an example of a photo in landscape orientation. The 7×5 picture is an example of a picture in portrait orientation.


Is it possible to Capture 5×7 Photos using the Camera?


No, you cannot capture 5×7 images directly from the camera. 3:2 and 4:3 are the two popular aspect ratios supported by most cameras. 


The 5by7 image corresponds to the 5:7 aspect ratio, which is not supported by the camera.


What Size Mat for a 5×7 Photo? 


You will need an 8×10 inches mat for a 5×7 photo.


How Big is a 5×7 Picture Frame?

5X7 Picture Frame

A 5×7 picture frame needs to hold a 5×7 photo. So, it will be at least 1.5 inches larger on each side. 


It can be more than 1.5 inches in certain cases. It depends on two things. One is the width of the external frame. The other thing is the presence of a border around the image.


The 5×7 picture frame size will be 8×10 inches in size if the frame comes with no border around the image and there is a 1-inch thick framing border. The other popular picture frame size for 5×7 print is 11×14 inches.


Is it Possible to Print a 5×7 photo print on A4 size Paper?


Yes, it is possible to print a 5×7 picture on A4-size paper. 


But, you will have some blank spaces on all four sides of the image. 


The size of the A4 paper is 8 ¼ x 11 ¾ inches. So, you need to chop it off to get the image in the exact 5by7 dimensions. 


Is it Possible to Convert Any Photo into a 5by7 Image?


Yes, you can convert images of any size to 5×7 pictures. You can do this transformation in two ways


1. By Cropping the Image


You can easily transform images of any size into a 5by7 image by cropping them. All photo editing software come with a basic cropping tool. You can use it to crop the picture in this size.


You can choose 5:7 as the crop ratio and set the desired image resolution.


One disadvantage of using this method is that you will have to chop off some sides of your image. It will change the image composition.


So, you need to crop the image in such a way that the final image is equally pleasing to the viewer.


2. By Adding White/Colored Borders


Adding a white or colored border around the image is another good option. Here, you don’t have to chop the sides of the 5×7 photo. 


After adding the border, you will end up having an image with borders, either on the top and bottom side or the left and right side.


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